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Case Study - Using Sign-up Based Autoresponders

Ben and Matt have started a job-related social Web site called To gain visibility, they do vigorous marketing and make their site reachable to professionals. They make use of Zoho Campaigns Sign-up Based Autoresponders feature to promote their Web site.

When a subscriber signs up for the joblink Web site, they receive an automated welcome e-mail. After 2 days of sign-up, the subscribers receive another e-mail highlighting the benefits such as viewing others profile, company-based search and the benefits to the subscribers. Later on, they send another e-mail (after 14 days) on advanced features of their Web site such as tips and tricks to tailor resume, articles pertaining to their work profile, an insight into the discussions on related work experience, etc.

Thus, joblink website maintains a symbiotic relationship with their subscribers, benefiting both sides, and at the same time, concentrates more on the core of the website for business development.

Applications of Sign-up based Autoresponders

There are myriad ways to apply Autoresponders in your business; and the purpose is not only to automate but also to save your valuable time which can be focused on the core of your business. Check out a few scenarios which require sign-up based on Autoresponders.

  • Giving reassurance to customers’ request that their request has reached the right destination and will be resolved ASAP.
  • Sending an online email tutorial at periodic time intervals.
  • Weekly updates in the form of newsletters.
  • Request for feedback on a product or service.
  • Promotion of a product or website.
  • An out-of-office reply when you are on vacation.
  • Send a confirmation email after a purchase.
  • Introduce new customers to your company information, brochures and archives.

Case Study- Date Based Autoresponders

The Cosmopolitan Library is known for its innovative approach to engage with its customers. They not only send automated emails to wish their customers on birthdays and wedding anniversaries but also make use of Zoho Campaigns’ Autoresponders for scenarios such as advance notice of due books so that their customers remember the date to return books. They also send a reminder when their annual membership is about to expire. Such set of emails create bonding between the library and customers. The customers will also always prefer that library due to its excellent customer service.

Applications of Date based Autoresponders

  • Wish the customer on his birthday or anniversary date.
  • Gentle reminder on renewal of membership fee, probably of club or library.
  • Reminder when a free trial period is getting over.

Case Study – Closed Group Autoresponders

Metrosystems is a cloud-computing company and decides to conduct its annual conference for its clients, stakeholders and, of course, media. Sarah, the Event Manager, is assigned with the task of planning this conference, arranging the ticket sales, event support, emergency plans, etc.

As a prerequisite, she has to prepare a mailing list of contacts of clients, stakeholders and media so that they are informed about this event. She sends the first e-mail sharing the details of the conference and announcing that the registrations have begun - “Registration started”. The second email is sent for those who received the first email. This is followed by another email as a final reminder to register for the event.

Applications of Closed Group Autoresponders

  • Launch an event such as conference or festival and send a series of emails.
  • Promote a product (may be a book or a music album) to a fixed list of recipients.