Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation has revolutionized the email marketing with advanced ways of automating tasks based on certain criteria, behavior or special events. Though, it provides different platforms of automation, the most popular way of automation are Autoresponders and Workflows.  

Workflow Automation is a step ahead in taking the Autoresponder to next level of automation by creating simple rules to move contacts between lists and send relevant email to subscribers. To make it precise, the ultimate purpose of workflows is to automate the repetitive tasks and increase the efficiency in email marketing.

This guide will take you through different types of Autoresponders and workflow creation. Let us take a look at each type, its creation and how to manage these Autoresponders.


Send a series of automated emails to subscribers based on sign-up, behavior, special events, etc.

Sign-up Based Autoresponder | Date-field Based Autoresponder | Closed Group Autoresponder | Calendar Based Promotions | Email-action Based Autoresponder

Workflow Automation

Manage contacts and nurture your leads with the right message at the right time using Workflow Automation.

What is Workflow Automation | Create Workflow | Clone/Edit/Delete Workflow | Workflow Reports