Marketing Automation

Automation for Zoho Campaigns

Automation adds a new dimension to email marketing. Automating repetitive tasks based on criteria set by the user increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the campaigns. Though there are several techniques of automation, the most popular are Autoresponders and Workflow Automation. Workflow Automation adds to the utility of Autoresponders by creating simple rules to move contacts between lists and send relevant email to subscribers.

Lets take a look at the different types of Autoresponders and Workflow Automation and see how to create and manage each type.

Using Autoresponders:  Different types for different purposes

Autoresponders allow you to send a series of automated emails as follow up to subscribers based on sign-up, behavior, special events, etc. Click to explore each Autoresponder type in greater detail:

Sign-up Based Autoresponder | Date-field Based Autoresponder | Closed Group Autoresponder | Calendar Based Promotions | Email-action Based Autoresponder

Workflow Automation:  Managing Contacts and Emails with ease

Manage contacts and nurture leads with the right message at the right time using Workflow Automation. Take a closer look at the various features:

What is Workflow Automation | Create Workflow | Clone/Edit/Delete Workflow | Workflow Reports

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