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Marketing automation is all about optimization and behavioral targeting. Build marketing theories that best suit your needs and automate them using our autoresponders and workflows. Automation does not stop with automating your repetitive task. You can optimize your time, the effort that you put in and perform actions based on your subscribers' behavior. 

Let's take a walk through the various automation techniques and learn how each of them will benefit you.


With autoresponders send series of automated messages to your subscribers based on their activities or any special events. There are eight different types of autoresponders. 

Signup based autoresponder | Date-field based autoresponder | Closed group autoresponder | Calendar based autoresponder | Email action autoresponder | Smart series autoresponder | Cyclic autoresponder


Categorize your subscribers based on certain criteria and perform targeted actions using workflows. There are three different types of workflows.

Instant workflow | Time-based workflow | Activity-based workflow

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