Zoho Campaigns App

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1. What can I do with the Zoho Campaigns app for iPhone?

The Zoho Campaigns App offers on-the-go email marketing for iPhone. You can view the recent campaign activities, reports & stats, filter campaign based on status, and create mailing list & contacts.

2. Can I add/delete contacts and manage contact lists through the app?

With the Zoho Campaigns app you can:

  1. Create mailing lists and add contacts.
  2. Synchronize the changes made (while offline), into your online account, when your device reconnects to the network.

However, you cannot delete contacts via the app.

3. Can I see and generate reports for my campaigns?

You can view real-time reports of sent campaigns. This will be a quick summary of sent campaigns and includes detailed report and recipient activities such as open and click rate.

4. Can I share the reports via the Zoho Campaigns app?

You can share a summary of your campaign reports by via email using the Zoho Campaigns app.

5. Is the app compatible with all iPhones?

Devices with iOS 6.0 and above will support the Zoho Campaigns app.

6. What is the difference between Device search and Server search?

Device search is searching within campaigns/ list saved in the device whereas server search pertains to web-based search for relevant campaign/ list through the Campaigns app.

7. How do I reset the user profile on my device?

You can reset the campaign profile on your device by following the path given below:

  1. Tap the Settings icon.
  2. In the Settings screen, tap Reset User.