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Email Campaigns

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1. I have designed an email template in html and I want to save it in the Library in Zoho Campaigns for future use. How?

2. I have used Merge Tags in my email content but these do not work in Test Emails. Why?

3. Can I make changes to my Campaign content after it has been reviewed? After it has been sent?

4. How do I add Social Media Buttons in my campaign?

5. I create the template for an email campaign but when I try to save it I get sent back to the original template, all my changes are lost. Why is that?

6. Can I embed videos to play within the email?

7. How long does it take for my campaigns to be reviewed?

8. I want to change the header and footer of the email template. How do I do so?

9. In trying to add a sender address I’m not receiving the verification email to confirm the address. What do I do ?

10. How do I make sure that my emails are optimized for Desktop and Mobile Devices?

11. When I create a new campaign, it says, “Personalize your subject line”? What does this mean?

12. How can I track my email campaigns using Google Analytics?

13. Can I transfer content from campaigns CRM module to Zoho Campaigns?

14. I have an email template stored othe cloud. Can I import it directly?

15. How do I schedule a campaign for different time zones?

16. What are the types of templates Zoho Campaigns offers?

17. Is it necessary to use the same subject/campaign content while creating a chain campaign?

18. Do I have to manually select unopened subscribers from a campaign if I want to follow up with them?

19. Can I use attachments in the emails?

20. Why should I not to use a public domain address like or

21. How do I cancel my Campaigns account?