Exploring the Zoho Campaigns Workspace

Exploring the Zoho Campaigns Workspace

Once you log into your Zoho Campaigns account, you’ll land on our welcome page, where you can start creating a mailing list or proceed with your email campaign. In fact, there are a lot of things to check out on this page:

1. Navigation Toolbar – On the left side of the screen, this toolbar contains tabs for quick access to various features of Zoho Campaigns.

2. Create New – Create new email campaigns, social media posts, mailing lists, and lot more.

3. Global Search - This enables a user to search for information across the entire product. The global search feature shows results that contain your search terms, then displays related data based on campaigns, lists, contacts, and more.

4. Feedback – Tell us how you feel about Zoho Campaigns.

5. Subscription – This opens up the subscription plan menu. Here, users can upgrade to a suitable subscription plan that matches their needs.

6. Favorites, Folders, and Calendar – Look up the components that you've marked as favorite, your folders, and a calendar to mark those important dates of yours.

7. Notification – Get notified about each and every activity taking place in your organization.

8. Get Help – This is a quick link to access our help guides, knowledge base, blogs, and user community. We encourage users to start conversations in our user community and share their best practices for using Zoho Campaigns.

9. View your Profile – Here you can view your profile information such as email address, user ID, and account info.

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