Understanding Dashboard

Understanding the Dashboard

When you log in to your Zoho Campaigns account, the first screen you'll see is the Dashboard. The dashboard gives you an overall summary of your account activity in an easily digestible way.. 

In this section, we’ll take you through different aspects of your dashboard and how it can help you understand various data points in your account.

My Data - This view is unique to each Zoho Campaigns user. In this view, you can take a look at the number of sent email campaigns, mailing lists, contacts, and automations for your account.

All Data -  This view is limited to administrators who can access all of the data for the organization. This view gives you the accumulated data from all accounts in your organization.  

Customizing your dashboard

You can customize your dashboard with your favorite widgets and choose what you want to see in the main display. In this section, we’ll go over each widget and its purpose.

To customize your dashboard:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Dashboard.
  2. Click the Customize Dashboard icon in the top-right corner.
  3. You've the following customizations available.
    • Choose dashboard page – Select the dashboard page you’d like to customize.
    • Adding widget – Drag and drop your favorite widgets from the Unselected Blocks panel on the right.
    • Moving widget – Click and drag a widget to the desired position.
    • Removing widget - Click and drag the widget to the Unselected Blocks panel.
  4. Click Save.

Quick Links

In the Quick Links section, you can create a campaign, add contacts and users, sync services, create autoresponders, access signup forms from the dashboard itself. You don't have to navigate to each module to perform these actions. You can choose to hide or show this section in the dashboard.

Recent Campaigns

This shows the performance of your recently sent campaigns through metrics such as the number of recipients, opens, and clicks. Click the View Reports button to see an in-depth analysis of each email campaign.

Email Campaigns Status

The Email Campaigns section is where you can find the email campaigns you've sent, scheduled, and drafted.

Additionally, you can create email campaigns, social campaigns, or advanced campaigns by clicking the Create button in the upper-right corner.

Lists and Contacts

Here, you can find the number of mailing lists, contacts present in your account, recently added contacts, active syncs running, and the number of segments. 

Social Campaigns

This is where, you can see the number and status of your Post and Page campaigns.


In the automation section, you can view autoresponder data, workflow data, and website automation information. This section gives you an overview on active and inactive automation flows, as well as the goals you've achieved through website automation.

Your Plan

This is where you can see your current subscription plan along with the plan limits and usage for the month. Click on the plan to see the full details of your plan on the Subscription page.   

Recent Activities

This tells you the recent activities in your account, From the creation of a new mailing list, to a successfully sent email campaign that was sent successfully, you can view all of your account's activities. 

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