Getting Started

Getting Started

New to Zoho Campaigns? Set yourself up to explore the product.

Set up your Account

Once you sign up to Zoho Campaigns account, you need to add your company and personal information. Apart from this information, you can send invite to other users to create an account with Zoho Campaigns.
My Profile | Company Profile | Manage Users

Get around in Zoho Campaigns

Once you log into your Zoho Campaigns account, we’ll take you to our welcome page, where you can take a look at the following:
Exploring the Zoho Campaigns Workspace | Creating your First mailing List | Creating your First Email Campaign | Understanding Dashboard | Using Zoho Campaigns App on Mobile Devices

Why am I not able to access few features?

There is a possibility that you might not have access to all of the product features. This could be due to following reasons.

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