How often can I post a social campaign?

We don't restrict you on the number of campaigns you can post on social campaigns. Social Campaign posts are unlimited.

  Does the post happen as Zoho Campaigns or the profile owner?

We're here to help you market you and your business. Hence, we post all your campaigns as only you. To be exact, your fans/friends will view the update from you and not Zoho Campaigns.

  Can I analyze the level of engagement from my social campaigns?

Yes, our social stats section tracks what happens to your post - Likes, Tweets, Comments and Shared stats. So, once your campaign is shared on social platforms you can keep track of what happened.

  What are the different error possibilities while posting?

Cases of error are most likely NIL. But, if there are any, it would be a case of overload capacity in the media or you have revoked permission for our app. During overload cases, we would ourselves re-post your campaign.

  What are the supported medias we can share on?

For now, we help you share your campaign on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

  Will additional platforms be supported in future?

Yes, for sure! We love going social and love our users going social. We definitely will support additional platforms in future. You'll hear from us, pretty soon!