Chain Campaigns

A/B Test Campaigns

  I am not a designer by profession, yet I need to send out an email campaign. Can I use Zoho Campaigns?

Yes, of course. Email campaigns using Zoho Campaigns isn't rocket science. With the help of our templates and editor, learn to configure and design your content. There's no HTML knowledge needed.

  What are the types of templates Zoho Campaigns offer?

We offer Basic layouts and Designed templates. Designed Templates can be stored in a Template Library for future use.

  I am sending out bulk emails, but my subscribers should feel it personalized?

You can use merge tags to personalize your email by addressing your subscribers with their First Name, Last Name and more.

  Can I use my own server to send out my email campaigns?

When you use Zoho Campaigns, your email campaigns will be routed through our (Zoho's) server. We maintain IP's that are white listed which makes sure all your emails land straight in the inbox. Additionally, we have relationship with major ISP's to control spam and we use auto spam filter to control spam.

  How can I make sure my emails are not considered Spam?

All emails that are sent using Zoho Campaigns are recognized with a DomainKey Signature. We're recognized and white listed with all the IP's.

  I've another email address that has to be used as the sender address. How do I use other email addresses?

You will have to verify respective email addresses to successfully use them as your sender address.

  Does the same apply to reply to address as well?

Yes, the same applies to both, sender address and reply to address.

Chain Campaigns

  What is a chain campaign and how does it help?

A chain campaign is a process where you create a better-designed campaign to unopened subscribers of a particular campaign. It helps you with more number of opens, clicks and reach.

  Do I have to manually select unopened subscribers from a campaign?

We'll do the job of consolidating unopened subscribers of a campaign while you can concentrate on improving your campaign quality.

  Is it necessary to use the same subject/campaign content while creating a chain campaign?

No, not necessary. The whole point of a chain campaign is to create better content/design, which improves open/click rate.

  Does a chain campaign count as a separate campaign?

No, since a chain campaign targets unopened recipients of a particular campaign, it is considered a follow up campaign for a respective campaign.

A/B Test Campaigns

  What is A/B Test Campaigns?

A/B Test is a process where you test in real time, which campaign receives a higher click rate between two campaigns. The test can be based on campaign content, subject and sender address.

  After sending an A/B campaign, can I decide the winner manually before the campaign is sent to the resulting winner?

Yes, you can manually select the winner and send your campaign to the winner.

  If both A & B scores equally - who will be the winner for the resulting campaign?

We will extend the test time by half an hour and recheck results. By chance, if the result remains the same, we will send you an email and change the testing type to manual. After which, you can manually decide the winner.