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List Management

  Can I use an email list, which I rent or purchased recently?

No, you can use only permission-based email lists in Zoho Campaigns.

  I have my own email list as a file, how do I import it into my Zoho Campaigns Account?

Zoho Campaigns supports CSV, XLS and XLSX format. Browse to where the file is on your computer and start importing, our import wizard will guide you to do the rest.

  I have my contacts list in my email client like Microsoft Outlook or Thunderbird, how do I use it in my Zoho Campaigns Account?

Export your contacts folder or address book to a text file and import it in Zoho Campaigns.

  I don't have a email list. How do I build a new one?

Create a new one in Zoho Campaigns. Embed its signup form in your website. Your website visitors can opt-in to your mailing list and their addresses are automatically added into your email list. Trade shows, conferences, business meets, etc., anytime you meet your customers, invite them to join your list.

  How do I add a subscription form to my website?

Copy the URL of your email list signup form we provide in the signup form page and use it as the source of an iframe which you embedded on your website or copy the code of a signup button or form and embed on your website.

  What does an awaiting contact mean?

Subscribers who opt-in for your email list through the signup form, but are yet to confirm subscription is an awaiting contact.

  When will an awaiting contact turn active?

We send a confirmation link to the email address provided for double opt-in confirmation. Clicking the confirmation link will turn the contact active.

  How can I search for an email address across all of my email lists?

We provide an option to search contacts across all your lists, so you can easily filter out the needed contacts for further action.

  I already have a invalid/suppression contact list, how do I use it in Zoho Campaigns?

You can directly import these contacts to the Do Not Mail list.

  I have multiple email lists in my account, is it possible to use a separate signup form for each?

Yes, Zoho Campaigns provides you with a signup form for each list you create (provided the lists allows subscription through your signup form or the subscribe link in your email footer) . You can also customize your signup form to match your website theme.

  How do I create and use segments?

Zoho Campaigns allows you to segment your mailing list based on predefined or custom fields like country, gender, age, etc. You can combine multiple conditions to create segments.

  Can I create custom fields?

Yes, you can create your own custom fields to fit your business needs. You can choose these fields in your list segments and also to display them in your signup form.

  Can I add validation and required fields to my signup form?

Yes, you can choose the mandatory fields for your signup form. In our signup form customization UI, choose the fields you wish to make mandatory. Zoho Campaigns will automatically do the required validation in your signup form.

  Can I merge two or more email lists?

Yes, you can merge multiple lists to an existing list or create a new list from the merged ones.

Subscriber Activity

  How do subscribers unsubscribe?

We strictly ensure all your emails include an unsubscribe link in the footer. Your subscribers can safely unsubscribe from your list in just one-click.

  How do I keep track if of unsubscribes?

Zoho Campaigns provides a separate report for unsubscribes in each campaign you sent. You can also see the list of unsubscribed contacts across your list through our predefined filters.

  How can I reduce my unsubscribe rate?

Primary reason could be that you are not sending the right information to your audience. For example, you may be sending discount coupons or other offers to subscribers who already purchased your product, but they might actually be interested in receiving “how-to” newsletters or product upgrade information. The other reason may be, sending your newsletter more frequently. If you are emailing more than once every 10-15 days, you can think of reducing your frequency depending on your business needs.

  Am I allowed to move an unsubscribed contact back to subscribe status?

No, Zoho Campaigns doesn't allow adding unsubscribed contacts back to the list. The only way left is, your contact subscribing back to your lists through an opt-in confirmation.

  How do I increase my subscription rate?

Zoho Campaigns provides you with a signup form for each public list. You can embed this form on your website to for new subscribers to signup. You can also customize this signup form according to your needs.

  Will I receive bounce emails for email addresses, which recently got invalid?

No, Zoho Campaigns will receive all the bounces on behalf of your organization. We’ll automatically remove those email addresses from your email list. We flag them separately to protect you from sending any future campaign to those addresses.

  How do I know if there are any bounces received from my campaign?

We provide a separate report for bounces to each campaign you sent. You can also see the list of bounced contacts across your list through our predefined filters.

  What does a Do Not Mail contact mean?

Contacts who mark your email Spam or unsubscribe from your mailers are Do Not Mail contacts. Zoho Campaigns provides an additional link to block themselves in the unsubscribe page.

  Why are some of my contacts moved to DO NOT MAIL status once unsubscribed from my list?

Since the imported contacts are not double opt-in contacts, Zoho Campaigns will immediately move them to DO NOT MAIL list, if they unsubscribe.

Zoho CRM Sync

  What are the modules in Zoho CRM I can sync my contacts from?

You can sync contacts from the Contacts and Leads module. You can also sync contacts from respective custom views.

  How many contacts can I sync from my Zoho CRM account?

The number of contacts you can sync from Zoho CRM depends on the plan you're subscribed to in Zoho Campaigns.

  Can I sync contacts from my colleague's email address?

Yes, you can sync contacts from your colleague's email address. While configuring your sync, you'll have to enter your colleague's Zoho CRM email address and the associated ZSC key.

  How many active syncs can I create in a day?

You can create 5 active syncs per day.

  How many contacts can my organization overall sync per day?

On an organizational level, a total of 10 active syncs can be created per day.