Manage Your Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is that genie that can help you send your email campaigns in a jiffy. It also provides you an option to share it on social media. You can now not only become an expert in email campaigning but also can customize and personalize them. Use campaign themes and our easy-to-use merge tags!

Create Email Campaign

Three! That's all the number of steps it will take for you to create an email campaign using Zoho Campaigns. Configure your content. Choose the recipients. And, send the campaign.
The Basic Details | Content Configuration | Choose Recipients | Send Campaign | Linking YouTube/ Vimeo to Email Campaign

Campaign Customization

Give your email campaigns a touch of your personality. Add color themes, update header & footer and personalize them using our easy-to-use merge tags.
Header & Footer Customization | Personalize Your Email Campaign | Social Share Tags

Promote Discussion on Your Email Campaigns

Use the "Add Comments" feature and listen to what your users say about your campaign/product. You will soon see it growing into a discussion forum where your users respond to other recipients'/guests' comments. 
Add comment | Insert Comment Merge Tags | View Recipient Comments | Managing Comments

Other Campaign Activities

This section is all about focusing on those recipients who leave your campaign unopened. Learn how to create a chain campaign, and how to clone, edit, and delete them.
Chain Campaign | Clone Campaign | Edit Campaign | Delete Campaign