Manage Your Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is the easiest medium to send your email campaign and also provides option to share it on social media.  In this user guide, you’ll learn how to create an email campaign, add your content, import your contacts and finally send the campaign. Here, you’ll come across different ways to customize your campaign using campaign themes and Personalize your email campaign with our easy-to-use merge tags.

Email marketing is one of the easiest, affordable methods of marketing reaching wide range of people in short span of time. At the same time, you can organize your subscribers in segments and send newsletters which are complementary to their specific needs.  Above all, you get a real time reports to track your open rate & click rate which provides a refined data for follow-up campaigns. Thus, it engages the customer leading to a symbiotic relationship.

Create Email Campaign

Creating an email campaign through Zoho campaigns takes 3 cakewalk steps which require minimal usage of time.

The Basic Details | Content Configuration | Choose Recipients | Send Campaign | Linking YouTube/ Vimeo to Email Campaign

Campaign Customization

Customize your email campaign by adding color themes, updating Headers & Footer and personalize your campaign by our easy-to-use merge tags.
Header & Footer Customization | Personalize Your Email Campaign | Social Share Tags

Promote Discussion on Your Email Campaigns

Using "Add Comments" feature, our users can enable posting comments on their email campaigns. This comment thread can become a discussion forum where user can also respond to the recipients/guests' comment.
Add comment | Insert Comment Merge Tags | View Recipient Comments | Managing Comments

Other Campaign Activities

In this section, you'll learn how to target the unopened recipients by creating a chain campaign and other relevant activities such as how to clone, edit and delete an email campaign.
Chain Campaign | Clone Campaign | Edit Campaign | Delete Campaign