Why you Need a Video in Email Marketing

Why you Need a Video in Email Marketing

Every day many emails reach your customer’s inbox. A lot of people consider opening an email purely based on the sender and subject line. Once they’ve opened it they will only pay attention to content that is catchy and easy to consume. Here is where the video comes into play. It is lively, quick and requires little concentration.

Let’s talk about how you can use videos in your email marketing campaigns today.

Why use video in email marketing?

Traditional email marketing has rapidly changed. Thanks to multimedia, we now have improved marketing strategies and increased click-through rates. A recent report from Forrester Research found that adding videos in email can increase the click-through rates by two to three times. This means more lead generation through email and a higher possibility of converting those leads into sales.

Grab User’s Attention

Nothing catches the attention of users better than a video. While they can choose to skim through your email’s text, video can grab their attention and get them interested. It also can create an emotional impact in the minds of contacts.

Focus on Visual Learners

Videos have a clear advantage over regular email newsletters because they are treats for visual learners. If you have video tutorials for your business, consider using them in your email marketing campaigns.

The advent of Mobile Devices

Marketing revolves around consumer behavior. In the last two years, there has been a surge in mobile device usage, which has greatly increased access to videos. This is all the more reason to make use of this medium.

Going Viral

There is always a chance that the recipient might fall in love with your video and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media. Why miss the chance to go viral?

Link to a video, don’t embed it in email

While you might be thinking about embedding video in your email, Keep in mind the following:

  • Embedded videos are blocked by some internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Email service clients such as Outlook and Gmail do not support video playback

Zoho Campaigns provides custom, video-based merge tags (which are much more user-friendly than they sound) to prevent potential playback issues. By using these merge tags, you can include a thumbnail image of the video in your email that redirects viewers to YouTube or Vimeo.

How video in email marketing works

Picture Kabul, a newly-opened Afghani restaurant that specializes in bread, kebabs, and another Middle Eastern cuisine. The owner of Kabul hires a marketing consultant to explore innovative ways to market via the Internet.

Veronica is an independent Email Marketing Consultant who helps companies improve their email marketing results. When marketers approach her from Kabul, she suggests they use email marketing to spread the word about a monthly food festival where they can showcase specific styles of Middle Eastern cuisine.

To promote their food festival, Kabul sends monthly newsletters to the list of customers about the food offered that month. Veronica takes it a step further and adds a video in the email. This video will show how dishes are prepared and presented.

A few best practices

Before you dive in and start adding videos in your email newsletters

  • Keep the videos short. No longer than 60 seconds to ensure you keep your customer’s attention.
  • Avoid using video in two or three column email templates, because it may stretch the email template and spoil the alignment of the email.
  • While selecting the play button, make sure it contrasts with the background image so that viewers realize there is a real video they can click on in the email.
  • If you are using a merge tag in an email campaign, especially an Autoresponder email, we recommend not deleting such merge tags as this may stop the Autoresponder message.

Video marketing vs videos in email marketing

One benefit of videos in email marketing is that the recipient may choose to skip the video and only look at the other content. The user may have a busy schedule, or he or she could be at work with internet restrictions.

In addition to a video, your email needs compelling writing, links, and images. Successful email marketing depends on maintaining a clean mailing list and providing compelling content. You shouldn’t rely on sending emails that only contain videos, but they are a great way to supplement your campaigns.

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