Using Sign-up Based Autoresponder

Using Sign-up Based Autoresponder

Because business owners can often get distracted by time-consuming tasks, their attention to work that is more important can get diverted. Automating such tasks through autoresponders gives them more time to devote their attention to the work that is most valuable.

In this e-book, we’ll be discussing the ways in which sign-up based auto responders save you time. The autoresponder messages are automatically sent to contacts who join your mailing list by signing up using a form.

Why do I need sign-up based autoresponder?

  • Sometimes you feel that you need a continuous communications channel with your customers but would like to do so with little to no maintenance.
  • You’re looking for an engaging channel or program to create brand awareness and user referrals.
  • They are a great solution for small and medium-size enterprises and work well with limited resources for email marketing and content generation.

A User Scenario

In the following case study, we will find out how a sign-up based autoresponder acts as a catalyst in promoting a brand new business:

Katie opens a bakery which sells different kinds of baked goods and confectionery products. In a short span of time, she becomes popular due to the quality of her bakery’s products and her excellent customer service. To expand her business and gain more visibility, she starts a website to reach out to more people.

To popularize her website, she runs an advertisement through which customers receive a $5 discount on their first purchase. For offline customers, she provides a manual form to enter their basic details. This plan is a success. The details of the customers who signed up for the offer are managed through a customer management software like Zoho CRM.

To follow up with the potential customers she created through her offer, Katie comes up with the idea of providing a gift coupon of $10 for those customers who use their $5 discount to make a purchase. She uses Zoho Campaigns’ sign-up based autoresponder to automate the emails containing the initial $5 coupons. When a customer places an order for the first time, he/she receives an automated welcome email. After seven days of successful order delivery, her customer receives another automated email with the gift coupon worth $10 that’s valid for six months. Along with the coupon, she also sends a message that it can be used for the next purchase and provides her customer an option to share the coupon with his or her friends.

What is Katie’s takeaway?

Katie maintains a symbiotic relationship with her contacts, and at the same time, concentrates more on running her business without having to specifically focus on growing her customer base.

Autoresponders are a powerful and flexible tool which can be configured for a variety of situations, in addition to Katie’s.

When can I use sign-up based autoresponders?

There are lots of ways to apply autoresponders in the day-to-day running of your business so you can save time and keep your focus where it matters most. Check out a few scenarios which require sign-up based autoresponders.

  • Reassuring customers that their order has reached the right destination.
  • Sending an online email tutorial at periodic time intervals.
  • Emailing weekly updates in the form of newsletters.
  • Request for feedback on a product or service.
  • Promotion of a product or website.
  • An out-of-office reply when you are on vacation.
  • Send a confirmation email after a purchase.
  • Introduce new customers to your company information, brochures and archives.

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