Using Facebook Tabs to Promote Your Business

Using Facebook Tabs to Promote Your Business

Facebook started as a personal network for friends, family, and acquaintances to have a place online where they could have conversations, share pictures, and be connected. Now, however, Facebook has expanded to accommodate many types of businesses.

Facebook’s active social network is apt for marketing. In addition to Facebook having more than one billion users, Facebook allows businesses to market for free. After all, there are no costs involved in owning a Facebook page.

Why “Likes” are a crucial part of Facebook

A big part of using Facebook for your business is about growing your fan base, i.e. Facebook “Likes”. Growing your fan base is one of the integral parts of promoting your business on Facebook. Just take a quick look at the Facebook page of popular companies like Apple or Google and see how “likes” play an important role.

When a person “Likes” your Facebook page

Once a person decides to “Like” your page, your business becomes a part of the person’s News Feed. This means that your customers and prospects will automatically receive all of the updates, promotions, and offers you post on your company page. By keeping “Likes” at the center of your Facebook campaign, you can grow your target audience.

How Facebook Tabs works

Since Facebook’s “Like” feature is such a powerful marketing tool, we’ve incorporated it into Zoho Campaigns. Here’s how it works: When a first-time visitor lands on a tab in your Facebook page, they see a promotional banner like the one given below. When creating this banner, you can be as creative as you’d like. You can include an exciting offer, or you can simply prompt the visitor to “Like” your page. There is no end to how creative you can use this space. We believe this feature works best when you prompt the visitor to perform a particular action and then reward them for it.

In the example below, Zylker asks the visitor to “Like” the page to open a hidden surprise.

On liking the page, the visitor is shown another banner, which contains an offer as the hidden surprise.

From your end, all you have to do is create two banners- one the visitor sees before liking the page and the other he/she sees after performing the action.

You can use Facebook tabs in a number of ways

  • Promotional Offers - Install the Zoho Campaigns app on your company’s Facebook page to run promotional offers and coupons.
  • Convert Visitors to Fans - By installing these tabs, you can convert your visitors to fans, and your fans to customers by offering promotional offers.
  • Promotion Stats - You can view the complete stats for page views, the number of new fans, and the number of fans who viewed the custom tabs. You can analyze the customers, put them into different segments and focus on marketing to them accordingly.
  • Promotion Reach – You can find out the number of visitors who have viewed your page using various social networks. 

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