SMS - A Marketing Strategy

SMS - A Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is the cornerstone of digital marketing. However, in recent times, marketers' desire to communicate with their recipients instantly has elevated Short Messaging Service (SMS) to the top of the marketing tool hierarchy. In pursuit of this objective, Zoho Campaigns lets you engage with your contacts through both email and SMS messages.

Embracing multichannel marketing

Utilizing a variety of communication tools (i.e., marketing through email, SMS, social media, etc.,) and enabling your customers to choose their communication method is multichannel marketing.

Multi channel marketing allows you to promote your product or service through a variety of channels to provide your customers with a wide range of experiences. Thus, you can keep in trend with them, being at the right place where they are.

SMS as a channel for marketing

Pew Research Center's findings indicate higher levels of appreciation for promotional text messages. With an open rate over 95%, SMS is one of the best tools for reaching out to your customers effectively. SMS messages have a 160 character limit, meaning your message must be concise and informational, perfect for a busy audience on the move.

Why should I adopt SMS as a marketing strategy?

There are several benefits that come from adopting SMS into your marketing strategy:

Keep pace with technology: To stay on top, reach out to your customers using present-day technology. With mobile marketing trending, SMS is one of the best ways to engage with customers. Stay in step with technology so you can easily win over the next generation of shoppers.

Prompt delivery to your recipients' inbox: Every marketer wants to be the first to reach their customers. To that end, it is important to choose the fastest mode of communication: Short Messaging Service. As a direct line to your customer, it provides immediate contact, from anywhere.

High open rates: Checking the mobile phone for message notifications is a compulsive habit for many. Using SMS increases the possibility of your message being opened and read.

Get close and personal with your customers: People are comfortable communicating through their mobile phones. Communicating with your customers through a channel they prefer will help you get closer to them.

Ideal for sending critical messages: If you have a critical message for your customers, whether its a recall notice, limited time sale, or something else altogether, SMS messages are sure to be opened almost as fast as they're sent.

Cool! So, how do I get started?

First, you will have to create an account with an SMS gateway that facilitates bulk text messaging. Zoho Campaigns provides integration with many SMS service providers. Create an account with your chosen SMS message service provider, buy credits and integrate it with your Zoho account.

How do I determine which SMS gateway or service provider to use?

SMS service providers are the contact points between you and the mobile network operators that enable you to send bulk SMS. Two important questions will help you determine which service provider will be best for you.

1. Are you sending destination-specific SMS messages?

2. How many messages will you send per month?

If you think your messages are going to be destination-specific, then choose a gateway that provides the best price for that particular country. Likewise, if you know how many SMS messages that you will send each month, you can select the option that provides a low-cost service for that volume. You should also check into the service provider's network coverage and network quality.

Get prior consent from your recipient

It is important that you have a clean list of contacts who have shown consent towards receiving SMS messages from you. You need to ask them for prior permission to send messages to their mobile phone. While asking for consent you need to inform them about what they would receive upon consent and also the steps to opt-out if they no longer want to receive your messages.

What's next?

Once you've selected a service provider, created an account with them, bought credits, integrated with your Zoho Campaigns account, and obtained consent from your recipients you're ready to impress them with your new strategy. Send product updates, special offers, transactional details, and build a healthy relationship with your customer. Learn how to create and send SMS messages using Zoho Campaigns.

If you wish to strengthen your relationship with your customers, communicate with them in a convenient and personal way. Stay on top of your communication strategy and your contacts will reward you.

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