How to Use Sign-up Forms Effectively

How to use Sign-up forms effectively

Sign-up forms have come a long way from the days when they were used simply as a medium to build contact databases. In their modern iteration, sign-up forms are useful tools for extracting data, understanding customer behavior, and organizing contacts based on their interaction.

Lets look at the features you can use to optimize your sign-up forms by means of a scenario:

Karen is the product marketer for an e-learning website called Virtuallearning. com, which offers free tutorials, ebooks, and research papers. To download these learning materials, a contact needs to fill out a sign-up form with basic details, like their email, name, etc. Like any other marketer, generating leads and converting prospects into contacts by making use of marketing channels is a top priority for Karen.

Now, let’s see how Zoho Campaigns’ customizable sign-up form can meet Karen’s needs.

Understanding a Customer’s Behavior

In order to cater to her customers, Karen must have data for:

  • Type of material downloaded (ebook, white paper).
  • When the customers are most likely to download material (weekdays or weekends)
  • The source links customers used to download material (email link or direct sign-up form)

To satisfy her customers, Karen must understand their behavior; she can do this through hidden fields. In Zoho Campaigns, sign-up forms come with a feature called hidden fields which creates an invisible field to the contact. The objective of this hidden field is to gather data about the contact by making him/her autofill a field in a sign-up form. Later, Karen can filter contacts based on the hidden field and can use the sign-up information to segment and target a set of contacts. In this way, Zoho Campaigns’ sign–up form provides a simple, elegant solution for new contacts. Karen needs to focus not just on new contacts alone but also sustain and involve her base of existing contacts.

Karen faces a dilemma in how to deal with existing contacts. She worries that they will fill in the sign-up form every time they want to download an ebook. To solve this problem, Zoho Campaigns includes a pre-fill feature in the sign-up form, so that existing contacts don’t have to complete the form again and again. By setting a parameter to auto-update forms with pre-filled information, Karen saves her customers lots of time.

Finally, Karen wants to know:

  • The conversion rate for leads who view her emails
  • The number of clicks on the call-to-action button
  • The number of contacts downloading the ebook

To keep track of these categories, she consults with technical team to call the script and uses the KISSmetrics (Analytics and conversion software) method to set the cookies.

What was Karen’s takeaway?

Voila! Karen can now maximize her conversion rate and generate more leads by targeting contacts based on the materials they downloaded.

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