15 Ways to Grow your Mailing List

As a marketer, your primary goal will be to add new contacts to your mailing list so that you continue building it. Now, it is evident that the market is flooded with sign-up forms of various websites/blogs that compete with each others trying to make a visitor sign up to receive his/her newsletters. In this critical environment, the marketers need to find a new way or reinvent ways to augment their contact database.

Let’s look at the different ways to grow your database, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

This guide provides insights into the many different ways to grow a robust mailing list to help your business thrive.

Simple and Accessible Sign up Forms

Make your sign-up forms more accessible at different levels of your website. Zoho Campaigns has several different types of sign-up forms to offer: embeded form, button form, quick form, or URLs redirecting visitors to a sign-up form on your web site. You can also consider changing the language of the sign-up form to suit the needs of your web site or to match the language of the country where your business is based.

Always make sign-up forms as simple as possible to cut down the pain of filling out long forms. Use succinct descriptions to clarify the steps on your sign-up form for your users.

Integrate with Zoho CRM

Large business owners can integrate Zoho CRM web forms with Zoho Campaigns. Using your Zoho Campaigns account, you can import contacts using a periodic sync that repeatedly updates your mailing list with emails entered in your crm database. This integration also gives you the option to view how your campaigns and autoresponders perform from inside Zoho CRM.

Target Customers through Online Shopping

Another simple way to gather more email addresses is via online shopping. All you have to do is include a field where customers can add their email address when completing an online purchase.

Use a QR Code to Promote a Sign-up Form

Generate a QR Code for your mailing list and add it to marketing channels like your newsletters, blogs, and banners. Contacts will scan your QR code to get redirected to your sign-up form.

Add an interactive video to the QR codes. Stuff the QR code with promotional codes so customers can scan it and save the offers in their phone book. Leave ample amount of white space and make sure the embedded form has a minimal amount of fields.

Target Leads

When contacts are added to your mailing list, the next step is to convert them to loyal customers.

Grow your list of leads through lots of tactics. You can use autoresponders or workflow automation to send emails based on a contact’s behavior on your website. These tools help you maximize sales by spending more time selling to the leads who are most likely to convert into customers.


  • Try our Autoresponders and Workflow Automation to automate emails based on contacts’ behavior on your website.

Include Shareable Links

The oldest form of marketing is simply spreading your word through the people you know. Include social media sharing buttons and people who like your campaign will spread the news for you.

Blog and Forum Visitors

At the end of your blog and forum always provide a simple sign-up form, which takes only the basic details such as the name, and email address.

Keep track of blog visitors by placing call to action buttons in right places. Give your ebooks away to customers for free or reuse your blog posts by creating a series of autoresponders to deliver to your customer’s inboxes.


Tradeshows, webinars and conferences are proven ways to connect with your customer base. At the end of your session, you can get interested participants’ email addresses and update them about future sessions.

Maintain a Clean Website

Keep your website design user friendly to ensure your website visitors can navigate from page to page and find any piece of information with ease. Try our smart sign-up forms for a minimalist look to your website. This will make your website look clutterfree while also providing a smart sign-up form. An interactive website makes your business stand out.

RSS Feeds

If you are an avid blogger or someone who updates his or her web site frequently, we recommend this signature dish for you. RSS feeds offer your website visitors a chance to subscribe to a feed of your posts.

Increase Traffic by Optimizing for Search Engines

Increase your website traffic using search engine optimization (SEO) and other inbound marketing tools and techniques. Also, include sign-up forms on different webpages such as your home page, blog, and forum.

Have you ever wanted to test a new page design to see if it’s effective? Try A/B testing your website. Show one version of your page to some viewers, and another version to other viewers. Compare how many sales you get from each version of your webpage to know which one is most effective.

Enhance your content with the use of multimedia. Optimize your website to work on a variety of devices and screen sizes. Consult subject matter experts (SMEs) in addition to SEOs to understand the science behind your product development.

LinkedIn Company Page

Add a sign-up form for your email campaign on your LinkedIn company page to spread awareness with like-minded professionals. Use LinkedIn to maintain communications with existing customers. They will be more likely to continue using your brand if you clear up their questions and complaints quickly.

Update Your Profile

Many contacts are reluctant to sign up for campaigns because they don’t want to receive emails that aren’t relevant to them. If you have a lot of products or services, offer a separate campaign for each one and people will be more likely to sign up.

Provide Downloadable Content

Upon successive sign-up completion provide free downloads such as ebooks, whitepapers, and other research materials. You can redirect your contacts to downloadable content by simply adding the webpage URL where you want to redirect your visitors in the response configuration page.

Archiving Newsletters

It is always a good idea to archive past newsletters and updates. Visitors who like your past posts will be more likely to subscribe to your current campaign.

List your best campaigns and hide others that weren’t as successful. Don’t include the original publication date of your archived posts unless it is crucial to do so.

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