Drip Marketing Campaigns

Drip Campaign is now called as Closed Group Autoresponder, Please click here to access Closed Group Autoresponder related documents.

Drip Campaigns

Drip Marketing is a strategy that helps you nurture your customers, prospects or subscribers over time by sending out messages at regular intervals. In Zoho Campaigns you can execute this strategy with Drip Campaigns and send out a pre-written set of email messsages to your subscribers over a period of time. You can also know how your drip campaigns have performed with the help of reports.

These are some business scenarios in which you can use Drip Campaigns:

    • In Sales: To nurture prospects through the sales cycle until you make a successful sale
    • In Event Planning: To send out regular updates until the date of the event to all participants


Drip Campaigns is available only in the Subscribers Model. See Also: Pricing & Editions

Create Drip Campaigns

Drip Campaigns is available under the Autoresponders section in Zoho Campaigns.

To create Drip Campaigns

      1. In the Autoresponders tab, click Drip Campaign.
      2. In the New Drip Campaign page:
        • Enter a name for the Drip Campaign.
        • Choose the Mailing list to which the Drip Campaign should be sent.
        • Click Create.

The Drip Campaign will be created.


  • All Drip Campaigns will be Enabled by default.

Create Messages for the Drip Campaign

Messages are the emails that you will be sending to your subscribers in the Drip Campaign. You have to create the First Message and then the Follow-Up messages for a drip campaign. All follow-up messages will be sent based on when the First Message is scheduled.

To create the First Message

    • In the Drip Campaign Details page, click Create Message.

  • In the Create New Messagepage, specify the following details:
    • A name for the message
    • The subject for the first email
    • The Sender's Name, From Address and the Reply to Address
  • Click Next.
  • In the Content Configuration page:
    1. Select the type of email.
    2. Choose the content option, add the content to your message and click Save & Close.
    3. Click Proceed.

To create Follow-Up Messages

  • In the Drip Campaign details page, click Create Message.
  • The steps will be same as those you followed when creating the first message.


You can create a maximum of 5 Follow-Up Messages in addition to the First Message.

All messages in your drip campaign can be sent or scheduled to be sent only after they are reviewed by our Compliance Staff. Messages will be in the 'Reviewed' state after being approved by our Compliance Staff.

Schedule Follow-Up Messages

Follow-up messages will be sent based on when the First Message is scheduled. All follow-up messages will be sent 'x' number of days after the first message.

To schedule follow-up messages

  • In the Drip Campaign details page, enter the number of days after the first message that you want to send the follow-up message.
  • Click Schedule.

To reschedule follow-up messages

  1. Click Reschedule against the message that you want to reschedule.
  2. Enter the number of days.
  3. Click Save.

Setting Follow-Up Messages as First Message

If you have more than one message in your Drip Campaign, you can set any message to be your first message.

To set a message as the first message

  • From the Messages list, click Set this as your first message.

The message will be set as your first message. You will have to reschedule the follow-up message again.

Canceling Messages

You can choose to cancel a particular message in a Drip Campaign. The cancelled message will not be sent to subscribers at the scheduled time.

To Cancel a Message

  • Go to the Drip Campaign Details page.
  • Click Cancel against the message that you want to cancel.

Execute Drip Campaigns

You can execute a Drip Campaign by:

  • Starting the campaign immediately
  • Scheduling the campaign

To schedule the drip campaign

  • Choose the Date, Time and the Timezone
  • Click Schedule

Drip Campaign Reports

Once your Drip Campaign has started, you can view the performance of your campaign with the help of Reports.

To view Drip Campaign Reports

  • Click the Drip Campaign for which you want to view the report.
  • You can see the Overall Messages Report that shows the following:
    • Total number of emails sent
    • Total number of emails delivered
    • Number of emails that bounced
    • Number of unique opened emails
    • Number of unopened emails
    • Number of unique clicked emails
    • Number of unsubscribers

The report also gives a chart view that shows the following for every message:

  • Opened Recipients
  • Clicked Recipients
  • Unsubscribers

To view Individual Message Reports

  1. Click the Drip Campaign for which you want to view the reports.
  2. Under the Messages List, click the name of the message for which you want to view the report.

A Summary Report and a Report by Location will be shown.