List Management

Generate List Key

To access list management API methods, in addition to your authentication parameters, a mandatory parameter "listkey" is to be used. The listkey represents the mailing list you're trying to access.

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Manage Lists.
  2. In Lists page, click the Mailing list for which you'd like to generate the list key.
  3. Click Setup and scroll down to view the List Key.
  4. Copy the List key.

Listed out in the table are the various API methods and their purposes for list management through API.

Method NamePurpose
getmailinglistsTo fetch the mailing list and list details.
getlistadvanceddetailsTo fetch the list based advanced details.
getlistcontactsTo get the contacts based on status.
getallcontactfieldsTo fetch contact fields to get profile information of contacts.
getsegmentdetailsTo fetch the segment details.
getsegmentcontactsTo fetch the segment contacts.
updatelistdetailsTo edit mailing list's name and allow sign-up form.
deletemailinglistTo delete the mailing list.
totalcontactsTo view all the contacts in a mailing list
listsubscribeTo add contacts (one at a time) and custom fields to a list (private and public list).
listunsubscribeTo unsubscribe the user from a list.
contactdonotmailTo move a contact to Do-Not-Mail registry.
addlistandcontactsTo add new list and contacts in the list.
addlistcontactsinbulkTo add contacts in existing list.
createcustomfieldTo create custom fields for contacts.
createmergetagsTo create merge tags.