Get Product

Use this API to get a list of all the products created in your Zoho Campaigns account.

Request Type:

  • Get

Scope : 


Request URL


List of Parameters --Version 1.1

ParameterData TypeDescription
from_indexIntegerRange of topics to be returned to the user
rangeIntegerRange of topics to be returned to the user

Possible error cases

Error codeDescription
4010No privilege
4014Product ID associated to topic is invalid
4019Product ID is mandatory for brand product topic creation

If your error code is not listed above, click here.

Sample Request


Sample Response

    "code": "200",
    "message": "Success",
    "uri": "/api/v1.1/topics/products",
    "products": [
           "product_id": "74726000000064001",
            "product_name": "P1"