Set up sync with SugarCRM

Set up sync with SugarCRM

Integrating SugarCRM with Zoho Campaigns helps you to import leads and contacts from your Vertical CRM into Zoho Campaigns. You can set up a sync to schedule periodic syncing of all your contacts and leads between SugarCRM and Zoho Campaigns on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This integration lets you plan your email campaign, send it to your leads and contacts, measure the campaign's effectiveness, and analyze the results.

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Initiating Periodic Sync

To initiate a periodic sync:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Click New Sync.
  3. Mouse over Periodic Sync and click Create Sync.

  4. Select the module to be synced i.e either Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities or any Custom Module.
  5. Select All Leads/All Contacts/All Accounts/All Deals/All Custom Module to sync all records depending on the respective modules that you have selected.
  6. Select Criteria to define conditions to filter records from CRM account.
  7. Select the mailing list to which you want to sync the records.
  8. Choose a specific custom view to sync records from your CRM account.
  9. If you have email opt-out contacts and converted leads, you can either exclude them from the sync, remove them from mailing list or remove from Zoho Campaigns by selecting the respective radio button.
  10. Select the frequency of data retrieval i.e either once, daily, weekly or monthly.
  11. Select the time at which you want the sync to occur periodically.
  12. Choose if you want sync all data or only the data added after a specific time.

  13. Click Next.
  14. Setup the field mapping and initiate the sync.

Field Mapping

Basic details such as email address, first name, and last name are pre-mapped.

  • Click Map more fields if you want to add more fields to the mapping.

How do I edit field mapping?

You can re-map or map more fields for your sync settings by clicking the Edit Mapping link in the Sync Detail View.

How do I edit retrieve details?

You can edit the retrieve details such as retrieve interval, data to be retrieved and sync contacts configuration by clicking the Edit Retrieval Details link present in the Sync Detail View.

How do I sync all data from SugarCRM?

To sync all data:

1. In the Sync Detail View page, click Edit Retrieval Details
2. Select Data to be Retrieved, and choose All Data.
3. Click Initiate to proceed.

Sync Settings

Configure your sync settings to keep all of your campaigns and contacts updated across both applications. With options to push campaigns to SugarCRM and update your contacts and campaign member status, you'll be able to better execute your campaigns and manage your contacts.

To configure your sync settings:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Under SugarCRM, select Active Syncs.

  3. You can see all the syncs.
  4. You can add a new sync by clicking the button.

  5. You can view the details of a particular sync, and you can also edit the configuration or delete it.

  6. Click the Settings subtab to edit the sync configuration.

  7. You can see the sync configuration in the Settings page.
  8. Click the Edit icon to change the configuration.

  9. In the Campaigns reports to SugarCRM section, you may do the following:

    • Create Campaign in SugarCRM - Enable this option to push email campaigns created in Zoho Campaigns to the Campaigns module of SugarCRM.
    • Update Campaign Member Status in SugarCRM - Enable this option to update the status of campaign members, such as opens, clicks, and bounces in the contact's campaign related list of SugarCRM.
    • Push Member Status to Fields in SugarCRM - Enable this to push the status (opens, clicks, bounces) of the most recent five campaigns to a multi-line custom field of a Contact or Lead's details page. (Fields selected under Push Member Status will get updated with the email campaigns report and will overwrite the pre existing data.) Member status can be pushed to a Number field of SugarCRM.

Push Data to SugarCRM

You can push your contacts based on their status (opens and clicks) to the Contacts and Leads modules of SugarCRM account.

Contacts who meet the following criteria will be pushed to respective modules in SugarCRM,
Contacts who have the value in the required mandatory fields:

  • First name, last name and email address fields to be pushed as lead.
  • First name, last name, email address and company name fields to be pushed as contact.

By default, contacts who have opened or clicked your campaigns in the last five days before this option is enabled. Click on Update Now link in the Campaign details section to push all the contacts who fulfill the above criteria since the campaign was sent.

Push as Leads/Contacts

Here, contacts from Campaigns are pushed as leads and their fields are pushed based on Open/Click status from Zoho Campaigns to the Leads module of SugarCRM account.

To configure mailing lists and map fields:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  2. Under SugarCRM, select Active Syncs.

  3. Under the Push Data to SugarCRM subtab, click Push as Leads.

  4. Click Configure Mailing List and Map Fields call-to-action button related to Clicked Recipients/Opened Recipients.

  5. It will prompt you to Choose Mailing List page to push the reports in Leads module.
  6. In the next step, it will take you to the Map Fields page to map your Campaigns Fields to SugarCRM Fields.
  7. In the following step, you can map your custom data to a SugarCRM field and push the recipient activities, such as open and click campaign member status, or other custom data you wish to add to your SugarCRM account.


  • You can configure different mailing lists for opened and clicked recipients so that you can have a clear idea as to why a contact is pushed into SugarCRM.
  • Avoid configuring the same mailing list across both modules(Leads and Contacts) as it may lead to confusion as to which module a contact should be pushed.

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