Import Contacts from Zoho Sites

If you’ve created your website using Zoho Sites, you can import the newly added subscribers directly from your website to your mailing list present in your Zoho Campaigns account.


  • You must have a user account in both Zoho Campaigns and Zoho Sites 
  • You must be a paid user in Zoho Sites

How to import contacts from Zoho Sites?

To import subscribers to Zoho Campaigns, follow the instructions below:

  1. Log in to Zoho Sites account
  2. Under Websites > My Sites, click the Edit Site corresponding to the website you want to edit
  3. Go to Forms tab > Newsletter Subscription
  4. This will prompt with a pop-up for Newsletter Subscription Setup
  5. Select Zoho Campaigns, and then select the mailing list from the drop-down option
  6. Click the Save button


  • If you can’t find any mailing list in the drop-down menu, create one in Zoho Campaigns