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Email Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns is the perfect solution for your email marketing needs. You can create, customize and send email campaigns in a jiffy.

In this section we will take a look at the process of creating an email campaign, the great customization options that Zoho Campaigns provides and explore tools like merge-tags or the "Add Comments" feature.

Create Email Campaign

We can create an email campaign using Zoho Campaigns in three simple steps:
Design and Configure your content. Choose the recipients. Send the campaign.

Explore the following aspects of creating a campaign:
Basic Details | Configuring Content| Choosing Recipients | Sending the Campaign

Personalize My Email Campaign

Add a touch of personality to your email campaigns with easy-to-use merge tags:
Personalize Subject Line | Personalize Recipients| Personalize Sender Details

Customize My Email Campaign

Customize your email campaigns by setting color themes, updating header and footer and sharing your email campaigns on social media using merge tags
Header and Footer Customization | Share Email Campaign on Social Media

Engage Subscribers and Promote Discussions via Email Campaigns

Use the "Add Comments" feature to find out what your users say about your campaign/product:
Add comment | Insert Comment Merge Tags | View Recipient Comments | Managing Comments

Responsive Test with Litmus

Test how good your email content renders in different email clients and devices with Litmus.
Testing with Litmus | List of clients and devices

Other Campaign Activities

Follow up on recipients who leave your campaign unopened. Learn how to create follow-up campaigns, and how to clone, edit and delete email campaigns:
Send Follow-up Campaigns | Clone Campaign | Edit Campaign | Delete Campaign | Dormant Campaign | Campaign Calendar

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