List Management

Method NamePurpose
listsubscribe  To add contacts (one at a time) and custom fields to a list (private and public list) using API
listunsubscribe  To unsubscribe the user from a list using API
listsubscriberscount  To find out the number of subscribers in your list using API
addlistandcontacts  Users can add new list and contacts in the list using our API
addlistsubscribersinbulk  Users can add contacts in existing list using our API
createcustomfield  Users can create custom fields for subscribers using our API
getlistsubscribers  To get the subscribers based on status using API
getallsubscriberfields  To fetch subscriber fields to get profile information of subscribers using API
getmailinglists  To fetch the mailing list and list details using API
getsegmentcontacts  To fetch the segment contacts using API
getsegmentdetails  To fetch the segment details using API
getlistadvanceddetails  To fetch the list based advanced details using API
createmergetags  To create merge tags using API
updatelistdetails  To edit mailing list's name and allow sign-up form using API