Make your email campaigns count.

If you have been bombarding your audience with emails, you're more likely to lose subscribers. Sending out the right number of messages in a timely manner is just as important as the content within. Even a series of carefully crafted emails can fail to connect with your recipients if they aren't being shared in a smart way.

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Email-sending policy for your organization

Set limits on the number of emails and time them correctly to ensure that your messages aren't too sparse or abundant.

  • Better inbox placement

    A smart email policy will ensure better deliverability for your campaigns, which will keep your messages from ending up in the spam folder. With a well-thought policy, your emails will reach your recipients at the perfect rate.

  • Increased trustworthiness

    By implementing an email policy, your readers' interest and trust in your emails will increase, thereby increasing your brand value.

  • Greater anticipation

    When you space out your emails with each one targeting a crucial element, your recipients will look forward to receiving your information, develop more interest over time, and understand your brand better.