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Email blast software is a convenient, cost-effective, and popular tool to connect with a wider audience base to build, grow, and sustain your business.

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Benefits of email blast software

Here are some reasons why email marketing continues to hold the spotlight in the digital marketing world.


Even beginners can learn and develop professional marketing skills thanks to the simplicity of email marketing platforms.


No matter your budget size, you can enjoy a wide range of marketing benefits, all under a single roof.

Two-way communication

Email marketing is considered the best communication platform because both the sender and the receiver can easily communicate their ideas and thoughts.

Professional approach

Even in a rapidly changing digital landscape, email blast software is still considered the most professional and trustworthy method of business communication.

Harness the full power of email blast software with Zoho Campaigns

Despite the attractive benefits of email blast software, not all email marketing solutions are created equally. The limitations in some can lead to sending irrelevant content to your contacts, which are likely to result in less customer engagement, emails getting tagged as spam, an increase in unsubscribes

  • Less customer engagement
  • Emails getting tagged as spam
  • An increase in unsubscribes

Get past these shortcomings by understanding your contact base and crafting personalized content

Contacts - Manage List - My CRM Leads

Create Segment

Email list segmentation


Sending emails in bulk to your entire customer base without considering their individual needs or preferences is a quick way to lose their interest or get marked as spam.

Zoho Campaigns allows you to segment your contacts before sending to ensure they receive relevant content that will keep them engaged. You can segment contacts based on commonalities such as geography, demographics, behavior, and more.

Dynamic content

The dynamic content creation feature helps you create tailor-made emails for your contacts by automatically pulling in personalized content, whether it's addressing them by their name or creating custom content for a specific group of contacts.

Dynamic properties

One email, multiple versions Template editor

Zoho Campaigns—a starter kit to begin your email journey Build, track, and grow your business

Let's build

A budding business finds success when the right audience meets the right business idea at the right time under the umbrella of the best email blast software, Zoho Campaigns.

Email campaign creation Send campaign
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Right audience

The first step is to collect contact information, consolidate it into one mailing list, and further segment the list based on their interests or demographic criteria. These contacts can be collected from sources such as existing email lists, CRM platforms, ecommerce platforms, and more.

Right content

Now it's time to put your ideas into action and design an eye-catching email campaign for the target audience. To begin with, you can choose from the various email blast template options in our gallery or you can put on your creative hat to craft your own with the help of our drag-and-drop editor.

Right time

After setting up the right audience and right content, send out your email blast at the right time. Learn your audiences' ideal open times and then schedule your email campaigns to arrive when they are most ready for them.


To reap the full benefits of your email marketing efforts, track the areas in which your email campaigns are making progress or having setbacks using basic and advanced reports curated in Zoho Campaigns.

Advanced campaign report Basic campaign report

Report summary

The report summary analyzes the performance of individual email campaigns and presents it in an easily understandable manner. It tracks the campaign's bounce rate, recipient complaints, total reach, the open rate, and the click rate based on time as well as location.

Advanced tracking

Each contact's unique interest can be understood through in-depth analyses by tracking the performance of links present in the campaign. These are displayed in an easily understandable manner by listing the top performing link, link click map, link click activity, and more.

Make way for growth

The customer understanding obtained through reports will make it easier to set up automated email marketing campaigns. These will help you save time and maintain consistent interaction with the customers to create an unbreakable brand trust and everlasting growth.


Set up a marketing strategy for your business and be consistent with your marketing efforts to build unshakable brand image by setting up the right email marketing strategy using email workflows from Zoho Campaigns.

IconPick a strategy

Depending upon your marketing strategy, you can choose a solution from the available email workflow templates, which include a follow-up series, a welcome series, and more.

IconSet up a workflow

Lay down the perfect marketing path with the chosen workflow template and customize it easily with our drag-and-drop builder.

IconActivate the workflow

Activate your chosen workflow and begin a consistent and effective marketing journey towards long-term success.

Create Workflow

Welcome and on-boarding Drag-and-drop email workflows Simple follow workflows

Integrate and boost

Boost your email marketing performance through integration and leverage the power and support of other services.

Integrate with ease

Integrate with our in-house services like Zoho CRM or Zoho Meeting, or other connect with third-party services like Shopify, Survey Monkey, and more.

Build your own integration

Explore more and manage your email marketing activities by building your own integration using our Developer API.

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