Video Diary

Achieving email deliverability is easy when you get the basics right. Here's a collection of conceptual videos that will help to better understand and master email deliverability solutions.

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The Deliverability Dialogues

  • The Deliverability Dialogues
  • Delivery & Deliverability
  • Basics of IP address
  • Demystifying email authentication-Overview
  • Demystifying email authentication-The repercussions
  • Domain authentication in depth-The process (Part 1)
  • Domain authentication in depth-DNS, SPF, DKIM
  • Domain authentication in depth (Part 3)
  • All things lists–Overview
  • All things lists–Organic lists
  • The importance of domain reputation
  • Exploring SPAM
  • All things lists–Segmentation and reports
  • Bounce-What's that
  • All things lists–Borrowed and purchased lists
  • Opt-in is the best option
  • All things lists–Segmentation
  • When content is crucial
  • When content is crucial–Images and text