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  • Episode #2

    Email deliverability best practices for B2B email marketing ft. Lori Blair

    Inbox placement is a primary objective for all email marketers be it B2C or B2B email marketing. Both these facets of email marketing have similarities yet they are a bit different from each other. You might wonder, what methods can you follow to ensure maximum email deliverability while practicing B2B email marketing? No worries. To answer many such questions, we are bringing to you, Zoho Campaigns Expert Diaries.

    In this session, we have Lori Blair, Solutions Consultant for Validty, Inc. Lori has been in the industry for quite a while. She has worked with 250Ok Inc. where she helped large senders improve their email deliverability rates. She has been a freelancer and it was during this time that she tried to find out the most complex reasons behind the low email deliverability rate. Currently, she is working with Validity, Inc. as a solutions expert helping email marketers maximize their inbox placement.

  • Episode #1

    Finding the inbox of gmail recipients ft. Sridhar Chandran

    We sat down with Sridhar Chandran, an anti-spam and email-deliverability expert with over 13 years of experience who currently works as a Solution Architect at Validity, Inc. There, he helps high-volume senders optimize their email marketing for better email deliverability(inbox placement).

    In our 40-minute chat, we discussed with Sridhar the specifics of email deliverability for Gmail and asked him many sought-after questions.