Zoho Campaings - Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files stored on users' computers or an internet-connected device when they visit a website. A user can use cookies to make the website work more efficiently and to improve user experience in all manners.

Below is a detailed list of the cookies from Zoho Campaigns that enables its users to use its features, the domain for each cookie, and the duration for which the cookie will be active. A cookie's "Domain" attribute specifies which hosts are allowed to receive the cookie whenever a request is made. Each cookie has a specific expiry period(ttl) once it is set.

CookieDomainExpiry PeriodPurpose of UseGeneration State
zc_cmpmaillist-manage.com1 minuteUsed to get the campaign ID and other details of an email campaign.When a user visits a webpage containing signup form, through a campaign.
perPageRecordscampaigns.zoho.com30 daysUsed to manage user accounts and sessions when users view their contact list.When a user visits contact list view.
zc_disFirst party domain (users' websites)12 monthsUsed to remember when to display a pop up form on a web page.When a pop up is shown in the end user website
Alphanumeric cookies of length 10 characters(eg: 467aef24c7)maillist-manage.comSessionUsed for load balancing and session stickinessWhen a request is sent to campaigns.
csr* / *csr* / *csr, zmpncc, zfccnmaillist-manage.comSessionUsed for website securityWhen a request is sent to campaigns.
JSESSIONIDmaillist-manage.comSessionUsed as HTTP session token identifierWhen a request is sent to campaigns.
ZCAMPAIGN_CSRF_TOKENmaillist-manage.comSessionUsed to prevent (CSRF) Cross Site Request Forgery attackWhen a request is sent to campaigns.

Tracking Pixels

Every time an email campaign is sent using Zoho Campaigns, a one pixel image is placed in the body of the email. This is known as a web beacon or tracking pixel. When a contact opens an email campaign, the one pixel image gets downloaded thereby sending request to our server and helping us to track the contact's email address, IP address, date and associated time of email opens and specific clicks. This in turn helps us to generate reports and measure the performance of sent email campaigns.


In order to maintain the changing rules and regulations (if any) about cookies, we will revisit and update this page on a periodic basis. In case of any queries or further information, please write to us at support@zohocampaigns.com.