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Reach out to your target audience with a platform that ticks all the important boxes of email marketing. Create, send, and measure the success of your campaigns on the go with Zoho Campaigns.

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Compare Features

  • Features
  • zendesk logo 
  • Reply Tracking



  • Dynamic Content



  • Merge Tags 



  • Autoresponders


    *Zoho Campaigns has seven
    types of autoresponders*


    *Constant Contact has a limited
    set of autoresponders*

  • In-house CRM integration



  • A/B Testing


    *You can run A/B test
    using three parameters*


    *You can run A/B test
    using only one parameter*

  • Facebook Page Campaigns



  • Batch Sending



  • Optimal Open Time Delivery



  • Webhooks




What sets Zoho Campaigns apart from Constant Contact?

Reply tracking

Zoho Campaigns allows you to intuitively view replies to your email campaigns. Powered by intelligent programming, sentiment analysis is done on the tracked replies and the results are displayed according to the levels of positivity. 

Facebook page campaigns

Run a promotional campaign on Facebook using page campaigns. Link your Facebook page with your Campaigns account, create a custom tab, and you're set. 

Batch Sending 

Increase the chances of your emails landing in your contacts' inbox by scheduling them in batches at different time intervals. 

Recipients' optimal open time 

Autopilot your emails to reach your contacts at a time they're more likely to open them. The optimal open time of a recipient is decided by past open time analysis that is unique to Zoho Campaigns. 

A wider scope for A/B testing 

Understand the needs and palate of your recipients by A/B testing not one or two, but three parameters. Compare two different versions of your subject line, email content, and sender details, and send the winning version to the rest of your recipients. 

Seven sets of autoresponders 

With our broader offering of autoresponders, you can nurture, engage, and build rapport with your audience by always sending out the right message at the right time. From greeting your contacts with a welcome email to sending behavior-based emails, date-based emails, or occasion-based emails, you can have timely and meaningful interactions. 


Seamlessly manage your data between Zoho Campaigns and other applications with the help of a simple URL. Create the URL within Zoho Campaigns, connect the platform to it, and watch the data flow both ways in real time. 

With Zoho, you're not burning a hole in your wallet. 

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Why should you make the switch to Zoho? 


Forever-free plan 

Find your feet in the world of email marketing with the simple, yet effective features of Zoho Campaigns. Reach and engage up to 2,000 contacts per month with 12,000 emails.


Free support 

Our support experts can diligently assist you over the phone 24/7, and over the phone and email in tandem 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday. Even better, we do it all for free! You can also find instant solutions via our resource library of help guides and downloadables. 


Integration with Zoho CRM 

Run your email marketing in conjunction with Zoho CRM—our in-house CRM—and bridge the gap between your sales and marketing. Make informed sales decisions by tracking your email campaigns' performance within CRM. 


Effective emails 

Design a newsletter in no time with one of the pre-designed, responsive templates from our gallery. Customize your message according to your needs using our drag-and-drop editor and dynamic content.


Real-time analytics 

Get a complete picture of your campaign's engagement levels with reports on recipient activity, click activity, and more. Obtain valuable insights for your future campaigns with list-based and campaign-based reports. 


State-of-the-art automation 

Automate the crucial steps of your email marketing and keep pace with the ever-changing dynamics of user engagement. Send welcome series, re-engagement series, and more with clockwork precision through autoresponders and workflows. 


Zoho's wide range of applications 

With a single sign-on (SSO) account, you can access more than 40 business and productivity applications of Zoho and transform the way you work. Bring all your business essentials under one roof and manage your data with ease. 

Why customers love us!

  • Zoho Campaigns is one of the best email marketing software I have ever come across. It's amazing to use, and I am very much impressed with the report system, and it's user friendly as well. Thanks Zoho."

    Paneer Selvam Xavier, Productivity optimization Manager, Infonet Institute
  • "It is much easier to use email lists on Zoho Campaigns than any other company like MailChimp or Constant Contact."

    Nicolas Quijano, Owner, DesignIt4Free
  • "We have a distinct pathway from freemium to premium customers that works and is getting better every month through Zoho Campaigns reports, analytics and application."

    Damian Hall, CEO, Venue10

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