Understand audience behavior with A/B testing

What if you could increase your conversion rate by determining which message resonates the most with your audience and when they are most likely to see it? With Zoho Campaigns, you can use A/B testing to deliver the right message at the right time, send different versions of your campaign to different segments of your audience, and find out which message works best.


Remove guesswork from the equation

Our extensive toolkit for A/B testing means you can obtain the insights you need to perfect current and future campaigns.

Understand audience behavior with A/B testing in Zoho Campaigns

Try out different testing variables

Small changes in your email campaign can make a big impact. Choose a campaign variable to test, like the subject line, sender's name and email address, or the content of your message and see what gets the best response from your audience.

Glean insights from reports

Reports show you how audiences interacted with each version of your campaign, so you can find the best performing email that should go to your remaining audience. Compare how many people opened your message and clicked on your links in each version of your campaign.

Take control of your test

Choose the size of your test audience and how long to run your test. After finishing an A/B test, Zoho Campaigns can automatically send the email which performed best to the rest of your audience. Or, analyze the reports manually, and send the better email to the rest of your mailing list.