Managing events just got a whole lot easier

Chalk out a plan, fix a date and time, schedule an event, set prompt reminders, and dole out invites.

Get smart

A single line is all it takes to plan an event. Create events in a jiffy using Smart Add, which extracts the required event details out of the sentences you type.

Free time is the best time

See when attendees are free or busy before scheduling an event to make sure you pick the best time. 

Expand your reach

Host events and email invites to people across diverse platforms outside of Zoho.

Customize your timed alerts

You'll never forget another meeting once you set up reminders for events. Create reminders for specific calendars and receive notifications for new events in those calendars.

Straight to the inbox or just a pop-up

Don’t miss out on the important stuff. Receive RSVP status updates and reminder notifications for events as emails or pop-up notifications in Zoho Calendar. 

Tell alerts to buzz off

Are notifications eating at your productivity? Turn off the buzz by limiting the amount of notifications you receive for a certain period of time. 

A calendar for every need

Create multiple calendars to separate business and personal events, and manage them all in one place for effective planning.

Stay on top of your schedule at all times

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