Scheduling meetings just got a whole lot easier

Chalk out a plan, fix a date and time, schedule an event, set prompt reminders, and hand out invites. With Zoho Calendar, schedule meetings with your teams and plan events across the globe and bring people together.

A smart meeting scheduler

A single line is all it takes to plan an event. Create events in a jiffy using Smart Add, which extracts the required event details out of the sentences you type.

meeting scheduler

Ensure availability

Planning a meeting but unsure whether the intended attendees' schedules are free? See when attendees are free or busy and confirm their availability before scheduling a meeting to make sure you pick the best time. 

Ensure availability
 Unite people across the world

Unite people across the world

Host events and send email invites to people across diverse platforms outside of your organization. With Zoho's meeting scheduler, you can set a secondary time zone for your calendar grid and schedule events online with teams across the globe.

Customize your timed alerts

Set up reminders for meetings to make sure you never miss out on one. Create reminders for specific calendars and receive notifications for new meetings in those calendars.

Customize your timed alerts
Straight to the inbox or just a pop-up

Straight to the inbox or just a pop-up

Don’t miss out on important information. Receive RSVP status updates and reminder notifications for events as emails or pop-up notifications in Zoho Calendar and always stay updated. 

Tell alerts to buzz off

Do continuous notifications annoy you and eat at your productivity? You can turn them off by limiting the amount of notifications you receive for a certain period. 

Tell alerts to buzz off
An online calendar for every need

An online calendar for every need

Don't cramp all your events in a single calendar. Create multiple calendars to separate business and personal events, and manage them all in one place for smooth and effective planning.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is the meeting scheduler available for free?

    Yes, even if you are a personal user, you can still use Zoho Calendar to schedule meetings and events. However, some features will be unavailable in the free version.

  • Can I set reminders before and after the commencement of the event?

    You can be reminded before and after the commencement of an event. It can be specified on the drop down list in the "Add Reminder" option at the time of event creation. Refer this link to know more about setting Event Reminders.

  • Can I invite and track my friend's RSVP even if he isn't a Zoho user?

    Even though your friend does not have a Zoho account yet, you can invite him to your events and track his RSVP. All you need to know is his email address. When creating or editing an event, you can include his email address in the Add invitees field and an invitation email will be sent to him with a unique URL. This URL is to access the event information, update his status and post his comments.

  • For the events I create, can I associate with Zoho Tasks and Notes?

    Yes, you can associate events with Zoho Tasks and save their details with Notes. With addition to Tasks, you can also associate your events with Zoho CRM, Notes and Meeting. To associate your event with Tasks, enable the Tasks icon under Associate option on the Create/Edit Event window. To associate with Notes, enable the Notes icon under Associate option on the Create/Edit event window. This creates a summary of event details as a note on Zoho Mail suite notes. Read more about how you can associate an event with Zoho apps.

  • How can I create an event that recurs every month?

    If you are creating an event that happens to recur every month, you needn't keep creating it separately for every given month. Go to the Create Event window and enter the recurring period in the Repeat field. You can choose from Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly options to create your recurring event. Learn more.

  • What is "Smart Add" and how can I add events using it?

    Smart Add is to schedule events without having to fill forms. Type in your event details, date, time and get your event scheduled without a hassle The Smart Add button is available next to the Create Event button. Use the Help icon for smart add to see a few examples. Learn more. Example: Meeting 05/01/2010 11:30 am.

  • Before inviting a friend to a scheduled meeting, how can I know his/her Free/Busy information?

    Free/Busy feature on Zoho Calendar enables you to check if your invitees will be free to attend the event which you are hosting. On the Create Event window, click on Add Attendees link, and type the email addresses in the field provided. Click on the Free/Busy link beside the field to display the free and busy information of the invitees. If some users are busy at that time, you can also navigate to the next time slot to know when they will be free and schedule the event accordingly.

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