Zoho Tasks Sync

Zoho Tasks Sync

Zoho Mail Suite comes with Zoho Tasks application that helps you create and assign tasks to your colleagues/team members. Using Tasks, the workflow in your team/organization can be handled efficiently and productivity can be enhanced. Zoho Tasks can be created personally or can be added to particular groups inside your organization. You can create tasks on Zoho Tasks and sync it with your Zoho Calendar using the two-way sync feature. This helps you keep a track on your tasks while you are managing other events from the calendar. Once you have synced Zoho Tasks with Zoho Calendar, your calendar will be updated every time a task is created. 

Steps to set-up Zoho Tasks sync:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Zoho Apps.

3. Click on Zoho Tasks from the list.

4. Click Synchronize to start sycning your tasks.

5. Once the sync is completed, the Unsynchronize button shows up.

6. Refresh your calendar and view your tasks updated in the calendar.

If you create a personal task, then it will be updated it in the primary calendar on Zoho Calendar. If you have created a task in the groups that you are a part of, then the tasks will be added to the particular group calendar but the due date of the group task will not be synced.

Steps to stop synchronization of Zoho Tasks:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Zoho Apps.

3. Click on Zoho Tasks from the list.

4. Click the Unsynchronize button.

Your Zoho Tasks will now stop synchronizing from your Zoho Calendar and all pending tasks created by you will be removed from the calendar.

Adding Tasks to Zoho Tasks from Zoho Calendar:

You can add tasks directly to Zoho Tasks from Zoho Calendar, once you have synced both the apps. After synchronization, Zoho Task will be added under "App Calendars".

To add a task to Zoho Tasks:

1. Click on the calendar grid to Quick create an event.

2. In the Calendar drop down box of the Create event window, select Zoho Task.

3. Enter the title, due date, priority, status and description of the Task.

4. Set a reminder for the task by selecting Add reminder and customize your reminder notifications.

5. You can add a sub task to the task by clicking on Add Subtask.

6. Fill the title, due date, status, priority and description of the subtask.

7. Click on Add to create the task in your Zoho Task calendar.

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