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Zoho Calendar on Mobile

Zoho Calendar can be accessed from your mobile device when you are not available at your desk. You can open the calendar on your mobile, add/edit events and receive timely notifications/reminders for your meetings. Zoho Calendar is available on the Zoho Mail mobile app and also on the mobile-compatible calendar website.   

Zoho Calendar on Zoho Mail App:

Zoho Mail App allows you to send/receive emails and also access your Zoho Calendar. Through this app, you can view events on your calendar, add/edit them when required and also manage basic settings like enabling/disabling CRM calendar and notifications for email reminders. The app is available for download both on iOS and Android

Zoho Calendar Mobile Website:

You can access the mobile compatible version of Zoho Calendar using in your browser. Basic features like view/add event, smart add and day/month view are available in this version. Access to your Calendar settings is not available through this link.

  • Sign in to the website using your Zoho account to access your Zoho Calendar. 
  • You can set the view of the calendar as either Day or Month
  • Create a New event using the add icon on the top right corner. 

  • By clicking on every day in the month view, you can view the events scheduled for the particular day.
  • The Smart Add button is also available in the lower part of the screen.

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