Calendar Integrations

Zoho Calendar integrations are external applications that are integrated into Zoho Calendar. These integrations can be used without actually using them directly but via Zoho Calendar. You can authenticate the use of these integrations from your Calendar settings and schedule across applications hassle-free.

Zoom Integration

You can use the Zoom meeting integration in Zoho Calendar to schedule conferencing when you create an event. To use Zoom as your conferencing application you need to authenticate the use of the application from Zoho Calendar.

The steps to authenticate Zoho Calendar to integrate Zoom are given below:

  1. Log in to Zoho Calendar.
  2. Navigate to Settings > Calendar > Integrations.
  3. Click on Configure option to integrate your Zoom account.
  4. Select Authenticate option and provide the credentials to authenticate Zoho Calendar to use Zoom.
  5. Click on the checkbox 'Allow this app to use my shared access permissions' and select Allow.
  6. You will see the 'authenticated successfully' status and your Zoom account will be shown.
  7. On the Zoom Integration card, enable/ disable the toggle switch to display/ hide Zoom meetings from the Add conferencing drop-down in the Create/ Edit event tab.

Upon successful verification of your credentials, Zoom will authenticate Zoho Calendar to schedule conferencing. You can proceed to create a new event/ edit an event to Add conferencing and choose Zoom meeting as your conferencing tool in the Create event/ Edit event tab.

To un authenticate, navigate to Settings > Calendar > Integrations > Zoom. Click the remove icon. The Zoom account will be unauthenticated from Zoho Calendar for using it to schedule conferences.


If you haven't logged out of your Zoom account from the current browser, you can just click Authenticate again to re-authenticate. If you've logged out you've to follow the steps given above to re-authenticate.


In Zoom application user permissions, if the admin has enabled the 'Require publicly listed apps on the Zoom App Marketplace to be approved by admin' option, you need approval from your admin to integrate your zoom account with Zoho Calendar. 

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