Subscribing Calendars

Subscribing Calendars

Managing calendars on Zoho Calendar is an easy task as it helps you create calendars of your own and also add calendars from outside resources. This eliminates the need to shuttle between applications to work around your schedule and provides a unified space to store all your calendars. In Zoho Calendar, you can synchronize specific calendars and also subscribe to calendars from other apps.

Subscribe vs Sync:

In Zoho Calendar, you are provided with a certain set of features that enable you to gain access to calendars from external apps, public calendars, holiday calendars and friends’ calendars. 

The “Subscribe” feature in Zoho Calendar lets you add a calendar to your Zoho Calendar. When you subscribe to a calendar, the events are added to your Zoho Calendar and you can view them. You cannot make any change to your events on your subscribed calendars from Zoho Calendar. You can subscribe to public calendars using Web URL, Contacts calendar, Holiday calendar, Group calendar and also calendars in Zoho Projects and Zoho Contacts.


Subscribed calendars will be updated every 12 hours. 

The “Sync” feature helps you synchronize all the events from other calendars with your Zoho Calendar. When the calendars are synchronized, you can add/edit/delete the events on these calendars from your Zoho Calendar itself. The two-way sync feature in Zoho Calendar is available for Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Tasks, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. 

Subscribe from Web URL:

You can add a web-calendar to your Zoho calendar and view the events added to the web-calendar. This web-calendar is a public calendar that is available on the web and can be imported with the help of the web URL of the calendar. 

To subscribe to a calendar using the web URL:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Subscribe.

3. Enter a valid HTTP calendar URL in "Subscribe from Web URL".

4. Click on Subscribe.


Subscribe to a Friend's calendar:

If you want to check out for events on a calendar owned by your friend, you can subscribe to the calendar using their email address. Once the email address is entered, the public calendars from the email ID will be added to your Zoho Calendar.

To subscribe to a friend's calendar:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Subscribe.

3. Enter the email address of your friend/colleague in Subscribe a contacts calendar.

4. Click on Subscribe.

5. The calendars that are shared with you by the contact will be listed under Public, Org and Private tabs. 

6. You can subscribe to the required calendars by clicking on the "Subscribe" button next to the calendar.

7. If you want individual sharing permissions (view free/busy, view event details, edit event details, delegate(or)manage) for any calendar shared by the contact, click on Send request for individual sharing and the request will be sent to the contact for approval.

Subscribe to a Holiday calendar:

Holiday calendars are available region wise by default on Zoho Calendar. You can choose your holiday calendar and subscribe to it. The calendar will be added to your Zoho Calendar and you can keep track of the observed holidays in your region.

To subscribe to a holiday calendar:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Go to Settings  > Calendar > Subscribe.

3. Click on Show Available Countries.

4. The list of Holiday calendars region-wise will be displayed.

5. Choose your Holiday calendar and click on Subscribe.

6. Your Holiday calendar is added. 

Sync with Zoho CRM/Recruit/Tasks:

Zoho Calendar supports a two-way sync feature for Zoho CRM/ Zoho Recruit calendar and Zoho Tasks. By synchronizing these apps, you can manage the events and make changes to them whenever required on your Zoho Calendar itself.

To know more about this two-way sync, click here.

Sync with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook:

If you have accounts in both Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook and you need to manage them along with Zoho Calendar, you can sync them with Zoho Calendar and manage the events. The Microsoft Outlook sync is done using a plug-in that can be downloaded from Zoho Calendar. Using this plug-in you can sync Zoho Calendar with Outlook and vice-versa.

To know more about Microsoft Outlook Plug-in sync, click here and to know more about Google Calendar sync, click here

Subscribe to Zoho Projects/Contacts:

Certain Zoho Apps do not support sync with Zoho Calendar. But you can view the events on these calendars using the Subscribe option. Once the calendar is subscribed, it will be added to your Zoho Calendar and the calendar will be updated every time a new event is created. 

To know more about subscribing to Zoho Projects/Zoho Contacts, click here.

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