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Managing calendars on Zoho Calendar is an easy task as it helps you create calendars of your own and also add calendars from outside resources. This eliminates the need to shuttle between applications to work around your schedule and provides a unified space to store all your calendars. In Zoho Calendar, you can synchronize specific calendars and also subscribe to calendars from other apps.

Subscribe vs. Sync

In Zoho Calendar, you are provided with a certain set of features that enable you to gain access to calendars from external apps, public calendars, holiday calendars and friends’ calendars.

The Subscribe feature in Zoho Calendar lets you add an external calendar to your Zoho Calendar. When you subscribe to a calendar, the events are added to your Zoho Calendar and you can view them. You can subscribe to the following list of calendars;

  1. Public calendar of Zoho Calendar User,
  2. Zoho Projects calendar,
  3. Zoho Contacts calendar,
  4. Group calendars,
  5. Holiday calendars and
  6. Any public calendar using a Web URL.


The subscribed calendars get refreshed and auto-updated once in 12 hours.

To update the calendar manually, navigate to Settings > Subscribe. Select the Subscribed Calendar that you want to update. Click on the Update icon on top of the subscribed calendar's Settings page. Your subscribed calendar will be updated with the latest event information.

You cannot make any changes to your events on your subscribed calendars from Zoho Calendar.

    The Sync feature helps you synchronize all the events from other calendars with your Zoho Calendar. When the calendars are synchronized, you can add/edit/delete the events on these calendars from Zoho Calendar itself. The sync feature in Zoho Calendar is available for Zoho CRM, Zoho Recruit, Zoho Tasks, Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

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