Find our flagship features here.


Send invitations and track RSVP

Invite friends, family and colleagues using email address, be it Zoho or otherwise, and also get updated on their availability status.


Be reminded of all your appointments, meetings and other important dates

Does your memory fail you? Don't miss another appointment. Be constantly reminded of appointments well in advance via email and notification pop-ups.


Publicize your calendars by sharing it with others or embedding it on Websites/Wikis/Blogs

Allow your friends and family to view your calendars by sharing it with them individually. Are you a Doctor, Blogger, Businessman or one who is interested in publishing your calendar? You can embed it on websites, wikis and blogs.


Use "Subscribe to" or "Import" to gather all your appointments on a single calendar application

You can subscribe to holiday calendars, friends' calendars and other Zoho application calendars like CRM and Projects. If you are an offline calendar user who wants to migrate to the online calendar, you can import your appointments with no compromise.


Access your calendar on mobile devices from wherever you are

You wont have to miss your appointments even when you are not at your desk. Access your calendar on your mobile with our mobile applications. Other access portals are Zoho Chat and Zoho Gadgets.


Zoho Calendar can be made your access portal for multiple Zoho applications

You can now associate a calendar event with other Zoho apps: CRM, Business, Planner, Meeting, Notes and Task. Associating multiple applications will enable you to manage all details of an event from within Zoho Calendar itself.


Sync with desktop application with our Outloook plug-in

Impressed by Zoho? Hassle free migration with no loss of data. Sync multiple calendars, two way with Microsoft Outlook by using our plug-in.

Coming soon...

Native sync and Blackberry sync