Zoho Calendar is for whom?

Even though Zoho Calendar has been designed to suit everyone and cater to every need, there are some instances for which it is custom made.

Personal user

If you are a personal user with basic usage of calendars, you can add day-to-day activities to a calendar, set reminders and receive notifications. Managing multiple calendars, each for a purpose, can be done easily. You can keep track of birthdays, holidays and other important dates of friends and family. By subscribing to holiday calendars, you can plan your trip and book tickets too in advance based on holidays. Calendars can be embedded on wiki, websites and blogs for public viewing too.


From an organizational perspective, it is essential to be able to schedule meetings and invite clients. Zoho calendar lets you schedule meetings with Zoho Meeting and track RSVP's. You can share calendars with colleagues with various levels of access privileges.

By using our plug-in for Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to attain two way synchronization between Zoho Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Subscribing to Zoho CRM and Projects calendars will let you stay in line with your business appointments as well.


Are you a Doctor who wants to simplify your appointment handling? You can embed your calendar on your website where the patients can check your availability and raise a request for an appointment. You will be notified of this request by email. You can choose to accept or reject the request based on your free/busy and the patients will receive a notification email.