Associate Events with Zoho Apps

Associate Events with other Zoho Apps

Events that are created on Zoho Calendar can be simultaneously added to other Zoho Apps namely Zoho CRM, Zoho Meeting, Zoho Tasks and Zoho Notes. When you associate events with these apps, the event details will be added to the respective app and can be managed from the app itself. 

Zoho CRM Task

When an event that is created on Zoho Calendar is associated with Zoho CRM, it is added as a Task on Zoho CRM. You can view the Tasks under the "Activities" tab in Zoho CRM. The date and time at which the event was added along with the owner of the task and the due date is added. You can set the priority of the task and mark the status in Zoho CRM. Deleting the event on Zoho Calendar will delete the CRM Task. You can also make changes to the event on Zoho Calendar and the changes will be reflected upon refreshing both Zoho Calendar and Zoho CRM.

Zoho Meeting

Meetings can be scheduled on Zoho Meeting by associating with events created on Zoho Calendar. Once an event is associated with Zoho Meeting and saved, the meeting will be scheduled and the link will be available in the Event Invitation that is sent to the attendees. Using this link, the attendees can join the meeting online for the specified date. 

In case you want to view the meeting link in the event details, you can click the event on the calendar and find the link in the “Quick view”. You can also find the meeting link in the detailed view of the event in Zoho Calendar.

Apart from the meeting link available on Zoho Calendar, you can navigate to Zoho Meeting and find the event scheduled as a meeting under the “My Meetings” section. You can view the Date, Time, Time zone, Presenter, Participants and the Meeting link. When you remove the event on Zoho Calendar, the meeting will be cancelled and removed in Zoho Meeting. You can also make changes to the meeting by updating the event on Zoho Calendar. Upon refreshing both the apps, the changes will be applied.

Zoho Tasks

Associating an event that is created on Zoho Calendar with Zoho Tasks, helps you create a task in Zoho Mail Suite Tasks. You can login to Zoho Mail, navigate to Tasks from the left pane of the screen and view your event added as a Task. The Task name, calendar and who the task is assigned to is added. You can click on the task to make the necessary changes to it. When you delete the event on Zoho Calendar, the task will be deleted on Zoho Tasks. Changes made in the event on Zoho Calendar will be reflected on Zoho Tasks after refreshing both the apps.

Zoho Notes

Adding an event on Zoho Calendar and associating it with Zoho Notes creates a note on Zoho Mail Suite Notes. The note displays the date, location and the description that was added to the event. You can delete the note on Zoho Notes but the event will still remain on Zoho Calendar and you need to delete it separately. You can also edit the event on Zoho Calendar and the changes will be updated on Zoho Notes after refreshing.

To associate an event with other Zoho Apps:

1. Login to Zoho Mail.

2. Navigate to the Calendar.

3. Click New Event from the left pane of the screen or Edit an event that is created already. 

4. On the right side of the "Create Event/Edit Event" window, select the Zoho Apps you want to associate with.

​5. Click Save to add the event.


Events can be associated with Zoho apps only when added to the personal calendars and not to the group calendars.

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