GET - Get events list


This API is used to get a list of all the events in a particular calendar of the user.

Request URL<calendaruid>/events

OAuth Scope





ALL - Full access to events

READ - Gets events

Request Parameters


Calendar Unique Identifier. The calendar for which the events list  should be retrieved.

lastmodifiedstringTo get the events which were modified or created after the given "last modified" time.The lastmodified time should be passed in UNIX time format (yyyyMMdd'T'HHmmss'Z')

To retrieve certain calendars based on the entity, pass the entity id of the calendar. Entity values are:

  • pgroup-ID (personal group)
  • ogroup-ID (org group)
  • zcontacts (Contacts birthday calendar)
  • ztask (Zoho Task calendar)
  • gcal (Google Calendar)
  • zproject (Zoho Projects Calendar)
Example: For Ogroup or PGroup, the string should be appended with the group ID (like ogroup-12345, pgroup-12345). The group ID details can be retrieved using the Get Group details API.

When the "range" parameter is passed, the events which occur between the given start and end dates are retrieved. The JSON Object should contain the start and end parameters in UNIX date time format. The range period cannot exceed 31 days.

  • start - yyyyMMdd"T"HHmmss"Z" or yyyyMMdd
  • end - yyyyMMdd"T"HHmmss"Z" or yyyyMMdd
showhiddencalbooleanIn case the calendar being retrieved is hidden, the value should be set to true to retrieve the event details in a hidden calendar. The default value is false. If the calendar is hidden, then no events will be retrieved by default.

In "byinstance", all the instances of repeat eventts will be retrieved as a separate event when it is set as rue. This (byinstance) will work only when RANGE value is set .


Whether the event is a recurring event?

True - to show the hidden calendar

False - to skip the hidden calendar (default)

* - Mandatory parameter

Sample Request


Sample Response

  events: [
      uid :
      etag :1476715187436
      enable_eventmanagement : false
      description : event test desctiption of event in calendar
      caluid : w9QSuARmSjO1sEmv91zOaw==
      repeat: [
          count: 6
          freq: weekly
          byday: SU,MO,TU,WE,TH,FR,SA
          interval: 1
          until: 20170516T023000Z
      type :0
      title :my friend birthday
      lastmodifiedtime :20161017T143947Z
      start :20161017T163000
      end :20161017T195500
      isprivate :false
      createdtime :20161017T14Z
      color :3
      role :organizer
      calid :2000000000003
      estatus :added
      multiday :false
      isallday :false
      location :chennai
      eurlid :2000000007001
        group_list :[
            name : EXAMPLE_GROUP
            id :34556841
      attendees: [
          status: NEEDS-ACTION
        email: TestGroup
        status: NEEDS-ACTION
      status: ACCEPTED
     dateandtime: {
     timezone : Asia/Calcutta
     start : 20161017T163000
     end : 20161017T195500
    reminders: [
        minutes: -5
        action: popup
        minutes: -5
        action: email
    calendar_alarm: false
    duration: 1800000