Get organized as a group

Unite your team with one shared calendar for more effective work and seamless collaboration. Host group meetings, efficiently manage events, and even embed the online group calendars on your website.

Control the chaos

Orchestrate what's happening in your team as the administrator of the group. Delegate moderator privileges to members and track your team's day-to-day meetings online without missing a beat. 

Control the chaos
Host a meeting in no time

Host a meeting in no time

Set up a team meeting by creating an event on your group calendar, add notes in the description while you create the event and share the event’s location as you schedule.

Share your schedule with the team

Keep group members posted about your agenda and help iron out the team schedule by sharing your personal calendars with the group.

Share your schedule with the team

Single out and subscribe

Stay in the loop by following any of your group's subscribed calendars. With regular updates, you'll always be aware of upcoming events in your subscribed calendars.

Single out and subscribe

Frequently asked questions

  • What is a group calendar?

    In Zoho Calendar, you can create Group Calendars for your team and manage your team activities from a unified calendar. The members of the group can manage the events and view all the updates in the group calendar. You can also embed any of your group calendars on your website, if required. Learn more

  • Is the group calendar free?

    Yes, Group calendars are available for org users who use the free plan of Zoho Mail. However, Group calendar is not available for personal users.

  • Can I connect with external calendars on a different platform?

    Yes, you can connect with calendars on different platforms such as Android, Windows, Apple, and others. Learn more

  • Can I make a member as the group moderator?

    Yes, when you add members to the Group Calendar, you can choose to make any member as the group moderator as long as you are the owner/moderator of the group calendar. Click here to learn more about how you can add a member as a moderator.

  • Can I unsubscribe from a group calendar?

    Yes, you can unsubscribe from a group calendar. If you want to stop receiving updates about the events in a group calendar that you are a part of but do not own, and want to remove the group calendar from your list, you can unsubscribe to the group calendar. Learn more

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