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The magic of FIFA World Cup

The magic of FIFA World Cup

Can we forget the time Maradona scored that unreal solo goal against England in 1986, or Banks' impossible save as Pele aimed for the back of the net in 1970 against England? Or how about the last World Cup when Pavard triggered a comeback with an unstoppable volley, breaking Argentina hearts?

We're sure the adrenaline is already kicking as we're finally here after a 4-year long wait for another World Cup. Watch the magic unfold, as 32 teams across 8 groups battle it out at the official venue, Qatar.

Teams and Results

Teams and Results

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    Frequently asked questions

    • How can I subscribe to Zoho's FIFA 2022 Calendar?

      You can subscribe to the FIFA 2022 World Cup calendar by clicking on the Subscribe button above. Alternatively, you can click here. Make sure you are signed in to your Zoho account.

    • Is Zoho Calendar free?

      Yes, Zoho Calendar can be used for free. To enjoy all the advanced features, you can either opt for Mail Premium or Workplace Professional.

    • Will the schedule be in my local timezone?

      Yes, you will see the events in your own timezone.

    • Where is FIFA World Cup 2022 happening?

      Qatar is the official host country for FIFA World Cup 2022.

    • When is FIFA World Cup 2022 happening?

      The matches are scheduled between 20th November 2022 to 18th December 2022.

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