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  • What is an ICS file format?
  • ICS (Internet Calendaring and Scheduling), sometimes referred to as iCalendar, is a standardized way of sharing calendar information on the internet. It allows internet users to send meeting requests and tasks to other internet users via email or calendar application. iCalendar data files need supporting software such as an email client or calendar application to be received. Users can respond to the sender easily or counter propose another meeting date/time.

  • What is "Smart Add", and how can I add events using it?
  • Smart Add is to schedule events without having to fill forms. Type in your event details, date and the time, and get your event scheduled without a hassle.

    The "Smart Add" button is available next to the "Create Event" button. Use the Help icon for smart add to see a few examples.

    Example : "Meeting 05/01/2010 11:30 am", which is of the syntax, "<Title> <date> <time>"

    Note : The date should be of the format mm/dd/yyyy, irrespective of the date format specified in the settings.

  • What is Event Requisition?
  • Event Requisition is an appointment scheduling feature that allows you to share a particular calendar on your website. After the calendar is shared on your website, people can view your free/busy schedule and book appointments.

  • How to add attendees while creating an event?
  • When you are creating an event, you can also add attendees to it. On the right side of the "Create Event" screen, you can enter the email address of the attendees. When the event is saved, an invitation is sent to the attendee's email.

    Note : While adding the attendees you can check the free/busy schedule of the attendee and then proceed to create the event.

  • How can I create an event that recurs every month?
  • If you are creating an event that happens to recur every month, you needn't keep creating it separately for every given month. Go to the "Create Event" window and enter the recurring period in the "Repeat" section. You can choose from Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly/ Yearly.

  • I want to create a group calendar and add members to the group. How can I do it on Zoho Calendar?
  • In order to create a group calendar, you must sign into accounts.zoho.com. Go to groups and create a personal group. You can also add members to the group. After adding the group, go to calendar.zoho.com > settings > groups. Click the group you have added under "Personal Groups" and subscribe to the calendar.

    To add an "Organization Group" you need to be the organization admin. Go to Control Panel in your Zoho Mail account and create the group.

  • Why do I find a mismatch in the event invitation time, usually an hour difference?
  • This event mismatch is usually recorded because of the Daylight Savings Time factor. To rectify this issue, change your Time Zone to the nearest geographical location.

  • I would like to receive notifications about my everyday agenda. Is it possible?
  • Yes, you can receive notifications about your everyday agenda through email. Go to Settings > My Preferences > Email notify and pick if you want to receive your notifications daily or weekly from "Agenda notification".

    Note : Email Notification will be sent for the calendars that are under "My Calendars".

Events and Reminders

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Managing Calendars

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Sharing and Embedding

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  • I am a doctor and I have embedded my calendar on my website. Is it possible for my patients to request for an appointment with me?
  • As a doctor, you will have to publish your schedule on your website for all your patients to view. Based on your free time, patients should be able to request an appointment via email for you to approve. This can be achieved with "Web API for requisition".

    Using this link, the viewer will be able to specify his name, email address, date, time and reason for appointment. An email request will be sent to your mail box. You can either approve or deny the request based on your convenience.

  • How do I reset my private URL?
  • If your private URL is exposed to unauthorized users, you can prevent their access by resetting this URL. On your calendar page, right click on the calendar, and select "Share" on the context menu. In the sharing page, click on the "Reset" button beside the iCal URL and HTML URL. Once reset, the exposed URL will not be usable.

    Note : Reset the iCal URL immediately if exposed publicly.

  • Whom can I assign Delegate/Manage privilege to?
  • If you want someone else to manage your appointments for you, assign "Delegate" privilege to them. This will enable them to perform all calendar operations as the calendar owner, except delete the calendar. This is most useful for a manager who can let his secretary handle his schedule for him.

  • After embedding the calendar on my website, how can I enable viewers to subscribe to my calendar?
  • You can enable viewers to subscribe to your embedded calendar with the "Link To" button which Zoho Calendar provides. The URL for this button is available under "More Links" in the calendar details page. If you include this button on your website, viewers can click on it and they will be subscribed to your calendar.

  • I am a manager. How can I enable my Steno to manage my calendar on my behalf?
  • If you are too busy to manage your schedule, you can let your secretary do it on your behalf. Share your calendar with your steno, and assign the Delegate/Manage privilege. This can be done by right clicking on the calendar you want help with and select "Share" option. In the calendar sharing page, add your steno's email address in the individual sharing field and assign the Delegate permission on the drop down list.

  • How can I retrieve the shared calendar I deleted accidentally?
  • If you have deleted the calendar that was shared to you, you can get back the deleted calendar. For that, request calendar owner and owner can email you the Calendar URL. Using the URL you receive by email, you can retrieve the shared calendar. This is achieved with the "Mail To" link provided under Other links in the calendar details page.

  • What is the need for embedding calendars on websites?
  • If you embed your calendar on websites, you can make it publicly visible to all. In addition, you can enable the viewers to subscribe to your calendar and also request appointments from you via email.

  • The embedded calendar does not suit my website's color theme. Can I change it?
  • With Zoho Calendar, you can customize the view of the embedded calendar to suit your requirements. "Customize for more Templates" link is available below the embed URL in the calendar details page. Customization includes changing the view of embedded calendar, managing height and width of the calendar and the color schemes to suit your website. There are ten predefined colored templates to choose from.

  • When embedding a calendar, it is always displayed in day view. Can I change it to month view?
  • Yes, you can customize the embedded calendar. On the calendar embed page, click on the link "Customize for more templates" provided below the embed URL. Along with the ten different predefined templates, you will also have a drop down box to select the view. Using it, you can specify the view you want to embed the calendar in, either day, week or month view.


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  • After creating events on a subscribed calendar, why are those events not showing up on my calendar?
  • If the source calendar is modified, these changes will be updated on your shared calendar in 12 hours. If you need it immediately, you can choose to manually update it too. This manual update option can be accessed from the Other Calendars option in the Settings page.

  • How can I remove a calendar which I have subscribed to?
  • With Unsubscribe option, you can remove the subscribed calendars from your calendar. If you want to unsubscribe from a calendar, right click on that calendar listed under "Others Calendar" section, and from the context menu, click on "Unsubscribe".

  • How can I invite friends to subscribe to my calendars?
  • Zoho Calendar enables you to invite friends via email to share your calendars. You can use the "Mail To" option available under More links in calendar details page. All you need to do is click on this link and type the email addresses of your friends you wish to share the calendar with. An email invitation will be sent to them along with the unique subscription URL.

  • What are the other business calendars I can subscribe to?
  • Apart from personal calendar subscription, Zoho Calendar enables you to subscribe with a business perspective too.

    Zoho CRM, Task and Recruit support two-way sync between both the platforms. You can manage the respective calendars through Zoho Calendar. Apart from these Zoho Apps, you can subscribe to the calendars in Zoho Projects and Zoho Contact (birthday calendar) and view them on your Zoho Calendar.

  • How can I subscribe to my friend's calendar?
  • With the iCal URL of your friend's calendar, you can subscribe to that calendar using the Subscribe to > By URL option. This will be the unique URL of the calendar, hence it should not be publicly exposed.

  • Are there any predefined holiday calendars that I can subscribe to?
  • You can subscribe to a list of holiday calendars that is available on Zoho Calendar based on the region. If the calendar for your country is not available, then kindly reach out to us at support@zohomail.com.

Syncing Calendars

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  • Why events created on Zoho Calendar do not sync with Google Calendar?
  • While synchronizing Google Calendar with Zoho Calendar, the primary calendar from your Google account will be synchronized with Zoho. If you are adding an event to Zoho Calendar and it does not reflect on Google Calendar, you need to try out the following steps:

    • Create an event on the Zoho Calendar.
    • In the Calendar drop down section of the Create Event window, select Google Calendar
    • Click Save to finish adding an event.
    • After creating the event, navigate to Google Calendar to view the event.

    Note : Zoho Calendar lets you manage all the events added to your Google Calendar. No events from My Calendars/ Group Calendars/ Shared Calendars of Zoho Calendar will be synced with your Google Calendar.

  • Why Google Calendar events don't sync with Zoho Calendar?
  • If you are trying to sync your Google Calendar with Zoho Calendar and you are facing errors or if you don't find the events synchronizing then try these steps:

    • Make sure you have disabled the pop-up blocker in the browser where you have opened Zoho Calendar.
    • If you still have trouble in syncing Google Calendar events, then revoke the access for "ZohoCorp" in your Google account settings and start the sync from the beginning.
  • I am not able to sync Zoho Calendar with Microsoft Outlook. Why?
  • Synchronizing your Outlook account with your Zoho Calendar account should be done by downloading the Outlook Plug-in from your Zoho Calendar account. If you are facing problems with login and synchronizing using the Outlook Plugin, you need to ensure the following:

    • The Outlook Plug-in is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit Outlook versions separately. Download the appropriate version of the Plug-in and install accordingly.
    • If the login problem still persists, then contact us at : support@zohomail.com.
  • Why does my Outlook take so long to sync with Zoho Calendar for the first time?
  • This behavior is quite normal the first time you sync with your Outlook Calendar. It happens due to the large volume of data, and it takes a lot of time to transfer the data. We recommend you to wait for the process to complete.

  • During Outlook plug-in installation, why am I getting multiple error messages?
  • If the plug-in is not installed properly, you might get some error messages during sync. To rectify this, uninstall and reinstall the plug-in. Also make sure you have downloaded the correct plug-in (32-bit or 64-bit) according to your Outlook version.

  • When synchronizing Outlook with Zoho calendar why don't some events sync?
  • When synchronizing Outlook with Zoho Calendar, subscribed and shared calendar events will not be synchronized. Only those events on your own calendars will be synchronized. For more details on this, contact us at support@zohomail.com.

  • Why do events from Outlook sync at a wrong time?
  • If there is a time zone difference between your Outlook and Zoho account, you might encounter this problem. Ensure the time zones are appropriate and sync again.

  • I have sycned my Zoho Calendar using CalDAV on Fantastical app in my MacBook. I am trying to add a new calendar to the Zoho Calendar account using my Fantastical calendar. But the calendar auto-deletes after 3-4 seconds on the Fantastical Calendar. Why?
  • Unfortunately, there is no option to create a new calendar on your Zoho Calendar from a CalDAV account. For the default OS X calendar on your Mac, the option to create a calendar on your Zoho account through CalDAV account isn't available. In Fantastical, BusyCal, Thunderbird Lightning and eM client, once you create a calendar via a CalDAV account for your Zoho Calendar, the calendar auto-deletes after a few seconds.

    Note : To add a new calendar to your Zoho Calendar account, login to Zoho Calendar. Go to Settings > My Calendars > New Calendar.

  • I tried to delete my Zoho Calendar on the MacBook default calendar app which was synced using CalDAV. But the calendar is not deleted from my Zoho Calendar account. Why?
  • If you have tried to delete a calendar from your Zoho account through the CalDAV account configured on your device, the calendar is deleted only on the particular CalDAV account and cannot be removed from your Zoho account. When you delete the calendar on your CalDAV account, the particular calendar is disabled for sync on your Zoho account.

    If you want to delete a particular calendar on your Zoho account,

    • Login to your Zoho Calendar account.
    • Navigate to the Calendars on the left side of the screen.
    • Right click on the calendar you want to delete.
    • Click Delete.

    Note :
    • Primary Calendar cannot be deleted from your Zoho Calendar account.
    • Group Calendars cannot be deleted. You can unsubscribe the calendar to remove all events related to the particular calendar.
  • Why events created on Zoho Calendar do not sync with CRM Calendar?
  • Zoho CRM sync is a two-way sync feature supported by Zoho Calendar. When you attempt to sync both the calendars, you might find the Zoho Calendar events not synchronizing with your Zoho CRM Calendar. To synchronize an event from Zoho Calendar to CRM Calendar, do the following:

    • Create an event on the Zoho Calendar.
    • Select CRM Calendar from the Calendar drop down menu of the Create Event window.
    • Click on Save to finish creating an event.
    • After adding an event, navigate to the CRM Calendar to view the event.

    Note : Zoho Calendar lets you manage all the events added to your CRM calendar. No events from My Calendars/ Group Calendars/ Shared Calendars of Zoho Calendar will be synced with your CRM calendar.

  • Recurring events created in Zoho CRM don't get deleted in Zoho Calendar after sync. Why?
  • If you require assistance regarding this issue, kindly write to us at support@zohomail.com with a list of event details for which the issues occur. We will check and assist accordingly.

  • Zoho Recruit calendar and Zoho Calendar doesn't sync. Why?
  • If you are facing trouble in synchronizing your Recruit calendar with Zoho Calendar, please write to us at support@zohomail.com.

  • I don't find the events from my Group Calendars/Shared Calendars syncing. Why?
  • Sync feature provided by Zoho Calendar allows you to sync calendars that are created under "My Calendars" section only. Unfortunately we do not have support to sync Group Calendars/ Other Calendars/ Shared Calendars from your Zoho account through Outlook Plug-in sync/ CalDAV/ Exchange ActiveSync.


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  • I want to import a calendar to my Zoho Calendar. But I want to make all the events as private. How?
  • You can import calendars to your Zoho Calendar either by uploading an ICS file that has events or using a Web URL in iCal format. While importing the calendar, make sure you select the "Mark events as private" option from "More options" in the import window.

  • How can I export only selected events from my calendar?
  • Zoho Calendar enables you to export selected events alone to an ICS file. This can be done by listing all the events using "Search" option, and selecting the events from the list and click on "Export" link.

    Note : This feature is not supported on the calendar integrated with Zoho Mail. To make use of this feature, login to calendar.zoho.com.

  • Can I export my calendar as a URL so that I can mail the URL to my friends?
  • You can export all events of your calendar and mail it to a friend so that he could import them to his own calendar. This can be done by sharing the iCal URL of the calendar.

  • How can I export my calendar as HTML?
  • With Zoho Calendar, you can export your calendar events as a URL and it of two kinds: Private and Public. These URLs can be used by others to either import to their calendars or to subscribe and thereby get updated on your schedule.

    Public/Embed URL : Usage of this URL is based on sharing privileges you offer, and you can limit access to it. It is therefore suitable for public use and embedding.

    Private URL : It is unique for a calendar. As it does not need authentication to be accessed, avoid sharing this URL with others. It is most suitable for personal references.

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