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Sending Invoice to your Customers

Send your invoices by email or a hard copy to your customer’s address. Here’s how you do it.


Email invoices to customers

Scheduled Invoices

You can also schedule invoices to be sent out to your customers on a specific date.

Note: Only invoices which are in the Draft status can be scheduled.

You can schedule your invoices by following these simple steps:

Note: By default, all scheduled invoices will be sent out at 08:00 AM.

Schedule pop-up

Schedule edit

Save and send later

P.S - Any action that changes the status of the invoice from Draft, like Marking the invoice as sent, Voiding, Recording Payment, Manually sending the invoice email, and Apllying credits, will result in the removal of the Scheduling.

Snail Mail

Snail mail option is by which a hard copy of the invoice will be sent to the mailing address of the customer.

Courier Invoices to Customers

Once you click on Buy Credits, you will be redirected to the Zoho Store. Click on the Buy Now option and enter the number of credits you wish to purchase and make the payment.

Sample Snail Mail Invoice

Snail Mail Sample envelop

Snail Mail Sample invoice

Snail Mail Sample invoice

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