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Welcome Aboard!

Welcome to Zoho Inventory, an online cloud based application tailored to meet all your order management needs and exponentially expand your business.


Why Zoho Inventory?

On analyzing the needs of entrepreneurs, our customers and the ever changing market, we have come to understand that one of the core foundations of developing a business is proper inventory management.

Every organization has its own way of managing their inventory. But this gets harder and more complex as you expand and reach out to more markets. Hence we have developed a software to make inventory management transparent and lucid.

Let’s ​take a look at what you can do using Zoho Inventory

“Stay focused on your goals, while Zoho Inventory enhances your roles”.

Browser Support

Zoho Inventory is a web based application. It is well designed and developed for the latest browsers and focuses on providing the best user experience.

Zoho Inventory supports the latest version of the following browsers:

Signing up for Zoho Inventory

If you are signing up for the first time, you would be required to undergo a brief and swift set up process. To sign up for Zoho Inventory:

Screen shot of the Web page

let's get started page

Click on the Sign up button. You will be navigated to organization quick set up page. Fill up all the details. To complete the set up, click on Click to Finish button. On doing so, you would be welcomed by a vibrant getting started page.

Quick Set-up

(For new users and new organizations)

Once you have logged in to Zoho Inventory, setting up your organization is a breeze. The quick set up program will help you in setting up the major aspects of your business.

Organizational Details:

Follow the ​steps below to setup your organizational details.

Under Regional Settings:

Screenshot of quick setup step 1

Once you have finished this step, you re now directed to a new page where you can start getting the most out of Zoho Inventory.

You can choose any one of the 4 steps and it ll take you to the concerned page. But we advice you to do that one by one to facilitate better setup and understanding of the product.

screen shot of initializing page

Note: This page will appear automatically when you login for the first three times to help you set up your organization.

How to get started if you already have a Zoho Account?

join organization page for existing zoho users

Access and Clearance levels in Zoho Inventory

With Zoho Inventory, you can invite users, assign roles, and set clearance levels. You can also create new roles to suit your needs. You can find more details about this on the Users section of the guide.