In Zoho Expense, you can create projects and track expenses that are associated with each project.

Creating a New Project

To create a project in Zoho Expense:

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings.
  2. Go to the Projects tab and click on the + New Project button placed on the top right corner.
  3. A new project window will appear on the screen. Projects Screen
  4. Fill mandatory fields such as Project Name and Customer Name.
  5. After filling the project details, head to the users section and associate users to the project. Associate users to projects
  6. You can include all the users, add a few existing users, or invite new users to be a part of your project.
  7. After adding users to your project, click Save in order to save your newly created project. Associate users to projects
  8. Now, the users who are part of the newly created project will be able to associate them while creating an expense.

Associating Project Head and Users to multiple projects

To associate Project Head and Users to multiple projects at one go,

  1. Go to the Projects section and select the checkbox on the left side of PROJECT NAME.
  2. Click the Bulk Update button. Bulk Update option
  3. Associate Project Head and Users from the respective dropdown. The users who were already added to that project will be retained. Dialog Box
  4. Select Associate with all users? if you would like to add all the users in your organization to the selected projects.
  5. Hit the Save button.
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