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Creating Transactions for Projects

Send estimates, invoices, record expenses and create retainers for your project.

Sending an Estimate

Send Estimates of your projects to your customers.

Estimate from Projects

Sending an Invoice

Charge your customers for the time you have spent on projects.

Options Description
Single line for the project This will show the entire project information in a single line on the invoice.
Show all timesheet entries individually All the unbilled timesheet work item will be individual entries on the invoice.
Group by tasks Every task worked on will be a separate line item.
Group by users Every task worked by an user will be in a single line item.
Group by tasks and users Individual users and their tasks will be shown in a single line item.


Recording an Expense

Projects do have expenses. It can be anything from buying a coffee for your user to purchasing tools for a task. Record these expenses for your projects.
Click Here to read more about expenses.

Tracking Expenses

The expenses that you’ve recorded for a project can be tracked in the Reports module of Zoho Books. You can view the expenses incurred in each project separately. To track your expenses:

Expenses by project report

Detailed Summary

Also, you can customize the report based on the date range and the status of the expenses. To customize:

Customize report

To view the overall summary of a project along with the expenses incurred:

Project Details

Collect Advance Payment or Retainer

At times your might have to take an advance payment to buy tools or arrange resources for the project you are going to work on. Create a retainer invoice for the project and accept advance payments. You can later adjust them with the invoice you create from the project.
Click here to read more about Retainer Invoices.

Associate projects to bills

You can associate customers and projects to line items in the bill and mark them as billable by clicking on the Blue icon icon. If an item is marked as billable, the next time you create an invoice for that customer the number of unbilled bills will be displayed and you can choose to add them to your invoice.

Sort your invoices

Other Actions in Timesheet
Weekly / Monthly Log Time

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