Other Actions

Importing Sales Order

Import sales orders Select file to import

Attaching Files with Sales Order

You can attach any receipts, bills or attachments associated with the sales order and send it to your customer.

Attaching a file to sales order

Attaching a file to sales order

Edit, Clone, Print, PDF, Mail, Delete

You can Edit, Clone, Print, download as PDF, Mail and Delete your sales order. You can also make your sales order Void.

Other actions in sales order

Other Actions in sales order

Canceling items in a Sales Order

You can selectively cancel items in a Sales Order or change the quantity of the items in the sales order based on the changes requested by your customer. After selectively canceling the items, you can invoice the remaining items to your customer.

Prerequisite: The sales order must have partially non-invoiced items.

To cancel the items in a sales order:

Cancel Items

Cancel Items Popup

SO Image

Cancel Items Reopen


  • You cannot cancel items for which an invoice has been created from the particular Sales Order.
  • If your sales order is in draft or in confirmed state without any invoice or package associated, its line items can be either edited or the sales order itself can be voided.

Bulk Cancel Item in a Sales Order

Prerequisite: A sales order must have partially invoiced items.

To bulk cancel in a Sales Order:

Bulk Cancel Items

Bulk reopen Items

Note: You cannot specify the quantity while bulk canceling items from sales orders. To do so, you need to open the specific sales order and then proceed with the cancelation.

Custom Views

Custom views are specific filters to list the Sales Orders based on your criteria. For example, out of all your Sales Orders in Zoho Books, you might want to view the sales orders which were shipped on a particular day. With Custom Views, you can simply create this filter, set criteria and use it to classify data.

To create a Custom View:

Custom view of invoices

Custom Status

Custom Status allows you to mark certain Sales Orders with a specific custom status, apart from the default statuses provided in Zoho Books. You can change the default status to anything you would want it to be. For example: you might have multiple sales orders that are confirmed and need to be shipped, but you may choose to ship them later. In such cases, it would be convenient to assign a custom status ‘To be shipped’ to all those confirmed sales orders that require shipping.

To create a Custom Status:

Create Custom Status

To mark a sales order with the custom status:

Mark Sales Order

To revert the custom status back to its default status:

Note: If the parent status is changed, say from Draft to Open, the custom status will be unmapped from the sales order.

Filter Sales Orders using Custom Status

You can filter the sales orders based on the custom statuses you’ve created. This allows you to view the sales orders marked with the custom status. To filter:

Mark Sales Order

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