Other Actions

Edit, Print, Download and Delete Client Approvals

The following are some of the other actions that can be carried out in Client Approvals.

Other Actions in Client Approvals

Client Approval Filters

We have a set of filters based on which you can filter your client approvals and list them.

Client Approvals can be listed based on their status and the customer names. The status can be chosen from the Status dropdown and the customer name can be chosen from Select Customer dropdown. The following are the status filters that are available in Zoho Books for Client Approvals:

Other Actions in Client Approvals

These filters can also be used by your clients from the Client Portal.

Disable Client Approvals

Prerequisite: To disable the Client Approvals feature for your organization, you will have to disable Client Approvals for every individual project that has client approvals enabled. To do so:

Next, to disable Client Approvals for your organization:

Other Actions in Client Approvals
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